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Last updated by Alejandro 3 years, 1 month ago.

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December 8, 2018 at 4:50 pm #2980556


Hi, 2 issues, first I can't translate from strings some stuff from "Registration Magic" plugin, here's the italian version of a page I can't translate in some parts like "Lost your password?" should become "Password dimenticata?" LINK:

hidden link

2nd issue
I get this error message on the backend

We have detected a problem with some tables in the database. Please contact WPML support to get this fixed.

[language] => en
[context] => WordPress
[gettext_context] =>
[domain_name_context_md5] => d8206c061388e0d93e3c698b09cfb208
[name] => ea4788705e6873b424c65e91c2846b19
[value] => Cancel
[status] => 0
[translation_priority] => optional
[allow_empty_value] =>

December 11, 2018 at 7:37 pm #2990185

Mihai Apetrei

Languages: English (English )

Timezone: Europe/Bucharest (GMT+02:00)

Hi and thank you for contacting WPML Support!

Sorry for the long waiting time, this is not usual in our forum. Things should be faster from now on.

I will be happy to help you with this.

For the second issue, this should not show up anymore after you update WPML to the latest version so can you please let me know if you updated all the WPML plugins + WPML add-ons to the latest version already? From the debug info that you sent when you created the ticket, I can see that you were still using an older version of WPML (4.0.8).

❌ Very important: please make a backup of your site (files & database) before following any of the upcoming steps ❌

For the first issue, we should be able to use String Translation for that but maybe we first need to search for the strings.

I'll need to request temporary access (wp-admin and FTP) to your site - preferably to a test site where the problem has been replicated if possible - in order to be of better help.

You will find the needed fields for this below the comment area when you log in to leave your next reply. The information you will enter is private which means only you and I can see and have access to it.

Privacy and Security when Providing Debug Information for Support:

I will be waiting for your response.

Kind regards,

December 18, 2018 at 12:55 pm #3012180


hi, do you have any update on this? It's quite urgent, please let me know.

thank you!

December 18, 2018 at 5:07 pm #3013227

Mihai Apetrei

Languages: English (English )

Timezone: Europe/Bucharest (GMT+02:00)


Thank you very much for your patience. I was not able to respond yesterday and I don't work on weekends at the moment.

I was able to find the pages that you are talking about (hidden link and hidden link).

It seems that there are a lot of plugins installed on your site that are not updated to the latest version (WPML and WPML add-ons included) so I would suggest that you would first create a full backup of the site (files + database) and then update all the plugins/themes.

After this, please try again and see if the issue is still happening.

Regarding the plugin that you use (RegistrationMagic) that is creating these pages, I was not able to find it in our WPML plugins compatibility directory here:

This means that we might deal with a compatibility issue if things won't work even after you make all the plugins/themes updates and that will require some extra steps that we will need to take in the compatibility testing process.

Please let me know what you will be able to find out after you update all the plugins.

I will be waiting for your response.

Kind regards,

December 18, 2018 at 6:24 pm #3013446



they suggest to use "LocoTranslate" but I don't want to add another translation plugin I wouldn't make a mess, or should I try?
Also, updating plugin does not fix the issue, I tried first with a backup I had offline and nothing changed, so plugin update won't fix it. I need a bit of more inspection in order to be able to translate those 2 pages I told you about, I think it should not be that complicate for you to find out how to translate those texts.

You have all login details, please let me know, thanks a lot!

December 19, 2018 at 10:09 am #3015739


Languages: English (English ) Spanish (Español ) Italian (Italiano )

Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+01:00)

Hello, my name is Alejandro,

Since Mihai is currently not available, I will replace him here in the forum.

I hope this is OK with you.

1) I can confirm that the database isse you were having could've been a false alarm, however, we fixed those issues in our 4.1.x versions. I suggest you update our WPML plugins to 4.1.2 and related add-on versions. It seems like you already did so, but i'd like a confirmation just to make sure we're on the same page.

2) I'm not sure if you mean that updating the plugin didn't translate the 2 pages you mentioned? i'm not sure about what you meant there. In the meantime i can confirm that you do not need Loco Translate for that.

I just have one question:

You say "I tried to translate strings but translation does not show up and also the it version of rm_submissions gives me 404 error. Let me know!"

Do you mean they do not show up in WPML > String Translation or that they do appear but then they don't show up translated in the front-end?

Please let me know, i'll continue studying your case in the meantime.

December 20, 2018 at 11:35 am #3020250



I just got a message from the registration magic plugin creator and he said:

"RegistrationMagic is not compatible with WPML. Kindly use Loco Translate for translation of RM_submission page."

So what to do now? I gave you already access to my wp admin, if you can fix it please do, I already specified you what content need to traslate, please let me know what else you need to fix it.

thanks a lot

December 21, 2018 at 1:58 pm #3024992


hi, can you still help?

December 21, 2018 at 5:48 pm #3025905


Languages: English (English ) Spanish (Español ) Italian (Italiano )

Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+01:00)


So let's see:

1) Your "My Account" page is not translated so that's why there isn't any italian version of the page. create a translation for it and the error you encountered will go away ( i don't get any errors, though, i get redirected to the homepage, which is an expected behaviour when the page doesn't exist)

2) The table warning issue you're encountering will go away as soon as you update our plugins (as Mihai already mentioned above)

3) Is there any way to "customize" your login form? i see there is an italian form (login-ita) but i don't know if it would be the same as the RM_Login shortcode. if that's the case then just change the shortcode in the italian translation and that should do it. Otherwise it won't work because they are not compatible with WPML.

We are always open to help authors "go global" and make their plugins/themes multilingual, so you could tell them to contact us by adhering to our go global program:


December 23, 2018 at 3:54 pm #3028938


Hi Alejandro,

thanks for your reply.

1) My Account" page was not translated now it is but this does would not change anything, if you have a look that page include only a shortcode to call a plugin, now you have the ita version but you will see a page in english as the content comes from the plugin which I'm trying to get translated.

2) Forget about "The table warning"

3) The plugin is not compatible as I told you in previous post.

So in the end I opened this support ticket 15 days ago because I needed to translate 3 stuff (login form, my account page and rm_submission page) and nothing has been solved. You told me "i can confirm that you do not need Loco Translate" but apparently I do. I will ask you again, how do I translate the pages I asked you support for? Do I need compatibility of RM with your plugin? How long that it will take? I need the pages translated asap, I can't believe it's so complicated to get those three simple stuff in another language.

It's absolutely urgent I translate these pages, I paid for this plugin weeks ago I need an actual solution for this, please provide.


December 24, 2018 at 4:12 pm #3030979


Languages: English (English ) Spanish (Español ) Italian (Italiano )

Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+01:00)

First of all, i'm sorry i didn't explain myself as clear as i thought.

If the plugin is not compatible with WPML, then we cannot provide a "right away" solution to your problem because the author doesn't know how WPML works and neither do we know how the author coded his pluigin. If our system cannot "find" the strings, then you will not be able to translate them.

This isn't usually a problem because there are Localization standards for this (provided by WordPress, not by us) and most of the theme and plugins follow those standards even when they're not officially compatible with us.

However, it seems that the Author coded this plugin without localization in mind although i believe it's a work in progress.

Why do i believe that?

Because i checked its changelog and you are 3 pretty important releases plus a few minor releases behind, and if you read their changelog you'll notice they add improvements on translations and Language compatibility in some of them which might be what you need.

So i suggest you please do the following:

1) Update both our plugins and Registration Magic
2) Go to WPML > Theme and plugins Localization
3) Find and Select Registration Magic
4) Click the "Scan" Button
5) Check in WPML > String Translation for the correct Strings and translate them.

Please Note: you first need to update the plugins mentioned above, otherwise the procedure won't work.

The problem here is that the Strings you want to translate are not registered, because they weren't in the .mo/.po files that the Author is using to localize the plugin.

Both Loco Translate and WPML search for the above mentioned files and allow you to translate them in an easier way but if the Strings you're looking for aren't registered, it's as if they didn't exist for any software capable of translation, so they will not be able to be translated.

I hope i was

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