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October 12, 2019 at 2:14 am #4741505


Recently bought the WPML plugin and im dissapointed how the plugin perform out of the box, everything breaks. Spent hours just reading documentation, fixing things that should be default.

* All category pages for woocommerce breaks, setting fallback to default language does not work, shows a 404 page. Categories will be broken until translated. Why is not "fallback to default language" for product categories default in WPML who would want a broken page over a working page with a default language?

* Some categories redirects to something totally different in new languages, for example one category redirects to a product page. Something broken with wpml permalinks

* Shows a different picture as featured picture for woocommerce shop page. Why is media library not available at the new language by default? 99 out of 100 would want the same picture in different languages, why would someone want to translate a picture, its a picture.....

* Featured image for translated products does not apply to a translated product by default. Same goes for the gallery images for a product. Not thrilled to re-select 300 pictures * 3 languages. Tried checking and unchecking "duplicate media for new languages" does not work. Where is the option to use the same featured image for all languages? Should be by default.

* When translating a page in the new translation view it includes filenames, if using autotranslate it will autotranslate filenames. Where do i turn this off? Tried checking and unchecking everything in media settings. Doesnt make a difference.

* A notification keeps popping up, prompting to set the default language for media, when clicking in the notice it scrolls to the media settings where the option for setting language is disabled, grayed out, and not possible to enable. Notice keep prompting.

* When installing WPML you get a view of recommended plugins, i installed the recommended plugins. When trying to find this page again its not visible in the menu. Where is it?

* When exporting content to cart you can only select about 20 items at a time, where is the pagination? How do i select all content?

* Cant export content that should be translated to a .csv. This is the most basic function for a translation plugin. How would i send it to, for example, a freelancer? When googling you advice another plugin called "All export" costing 100$, i just bought your plugin for 100$ and the first guide i get is WPML recommending someone else´s plugin for another 100$ just to be able to send it for translation...

October 12, 2019 at 3:01 am #4741857


My issue is resolved now.