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Last updated by hollyJ 8 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Alejandro.

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October 18, 2021 at 10:52 am #9809233


Hi Alejandro,

2) Translation of testimonials
I have checked and the rotator is not the same ID.

2a) Should I put in the new id for the french rotator into the french page. I am confused as when I go to edit anything in the french side as it comes up with an overlay (see screengrab) 'Warning, you are trying to edit using the standard wordpress editor, but your site is configured to use the WPML translation editor', why does this keep happening? I presume on each occasion I should continue to use the translation editor as I think I read that if I don't, things won't sync properly.

2b) The french rotator doesn't have any testimonials in it - does this mean I then have to manually add new codes for each testimonial for the french rotator? If so how do I go about it?

2c) I still don't understand where it says 'Multilingual content setup' with three choices - see screengrab. Can you explain this further please.

Many thanks

October 18, 2021 at 11:06 am #9809409


Languages: Italian (Italiano )

Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+02:00)

In this ticket we will handle the rotator translation topic only.

I would like to request access to your site, if possible please, because i want to see how the shortcode is behaving, before i tell you anything, so as to avoid confusing you. (the last access i had was not working and it got erased when i closed the last ticket)

In theory, there shouldn't be a need of modifying the shortcode at all if you added the xml code i sent you in the last thread-->


I will explain the rest as soon asi have a global solution, so i can walk you through the entire process and then explain what to do and why 🙂

October 18, 2021 at 3:15 pm #9811509


Languages: Italian (Italiano )

Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+02:00)

2) I found out that the best way to go here is to set the rotator post type as "Translatable - use translation if available or fallback to default language" which is the same as "display as translated", they are the same options, they have different wording to accomodate the place they are in.

you don't need to translate them, unlike the testimonials, which you actually should translate. i deleted the translated rotator for you in this page.

However it's normal that if you do translate an element that provides a shortcode, the shortcodes will have different ID's. they are different pages after all. but, again, there's no need to translate the rotator here, as you'll see in the video below.

2a) These are the steps to make the rotator work correctly:

- Translate the testimonials WITHOUT a translation editor (switch off the translation editor, using the "switch" icon found under "languages" section, when you edit the original language of the posts, pages, rotators and testimonials.).

This is because the content of the testimonial might be translated but the settings are not.

- Edit the testimonial in the translated version and configure it. select the rotator, add the author and the stars. save it

- Now add the rotator to a page

- Translate that page.

- The rotator will actually filter the content by language and display them correctly throughout the languages as long as the testimonials are assigned to the rotator and they exist in the translations (if they are not translated, they will only appear in the language where they exist).

2b) There's no need to translate the rotators, so we can skip this step. just make sure you configure the testimonials in all the languages.

2c) "Appear as translated" means that you can translate it and the system will show the translated version of the content that is set as "appear as translated" otherwise it will show the default language's content. this option is actually quite useful here since it will save us some work.

Make sure that the rotators are set as such. the testimonials can also be set as such but they need to be translated in order for them to appear in the translated language.

the rotators instead DO NOT NEED to be translated at all 😀

Please check this video so you can see how i made it work: hidden link

October 24, 2021 at 2:03 pm #9851547


Again I did reply to this, but I don't think it went through.
I understand the details about not adding the testimonials to the original language rotator.

What is not clear is translating the testimonials, can you do a short video to show this as this would be really helpful. Thank you very much.

October 25, 2021 at 7:28 am #9854079


Languages: Italian (Italiano )

Timezone: Europe/Rome (GMT+02:00)

I had explained the entire process in the video i sent on my last reply: hidden link

I'm not sure what part is it that is not clear (from the video, i mean), the testimonial was explained more or less from minute 1 there and it was most of the video.

However i recorded myself again showing you ONLY the testimonial part: hidden link


October 25, 2021 at 8:17 am #9854493


Thanks Alejandro, it's getting to grips with the difference between duplicate, manual translation, etc. your last video really helped understand that process - which I am sure will be needed in other areas of translation as well. Thank you so much for your patience and efforts, I really do appreciate it.