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January 8, 2015 at 2:19 pm #539254


The problem still exists: I try to translate "Our Team" Post Format, but it is still doubling posts in 2 language versions, in english version there is no pictures.

January 9, 2015 at 1:14 pm #539947


We will walk through with your issues step by steps. If you have multiple issues may I kindly ask you to create ticket for each of your issue this may help users for searching on the forum.

I tried to login to wp-admin but may be access details are changed. Can you please send me correct access details and for this ticket will will walk through media related issues.

I would also like to have few screenshots of your issue that will help me to understand your issue as well as steps to reproduce your issue.

*** Please take FULL BACKUP of your database and your website.***

In order to investigate your issue if we require to check things on your install in order to see what could be going wrong there.

If you agree to this please use the form fields I have enabled below this comment box to provide temporary access details (wp-admin and FTP)?

I have set next reply as private.

January 12, 2015 at 9:50 am #540808


Ok, so this is my issue:

Like you see on 1st screenshot this is hidden link , if you scroll down the page
a little you will same content as on screenshot 1.jpg. This is polish language ver of site, everything
is displaying right. If you click on english site ver or simply go to hidden link
you will se what is on screenshot 2.jpg. How can I translate this content to show it up properly
in english version?

Same problem is on hidden link. If you follow the link, scroll down a little you
will see crew members photos (3.jpg). In pl language ver of site as you see content and photos
are displayed properly. But if you go to english ver of this page, or simply hidden link you will see what is on 4.jpg - there is no photos. Now these crew members are'nt translated.
When I try to translate each one it, wpml shows me 2 the same persons at the polish and english ver
of site and in english ver of site there is no photo. I think that english and polish ver of site
are displaying the same content. This content is shown in wordpress panel as "Our Team"
Custom Post Format as you can see on 5.jpg. I deleted engl translation now because it shows me 2 the same persons at the polish and english ver of site if I try to translate some crew member.
If I add translation you can see something like on 6.jpg in pl ver (I added black$white photo
to engl ver of member and name "ZENON MARCINOWSKI (ENG)" so you can tell which one is from engl
ver) and 7.jpg in eng ver of site. Content of pl and engl ver of site is displaying together, next
to each other. This is Custom Post Format so I think it might be a problem.

I already set:
=> WPML => Translation Management
=> click on tab "Multilingual Content Setup"
=> go to section "Custom Post"

Thank you for your help

January 13, 2015 at 12:26 pm #541667


I checked your issue and the issue is from your theme that its using shortcode "recent_posts" to display such content and you can find such source code in your theme at:
=> theme1669/includes/theme_shortcodes/shortcodes.php

Your theme author has used get_post() function to fetch such requested post, but it should use wp_query() and icl_object_id() in order to get right content.

you theme is not in our WPML compatible theme's list:

If your theme is not compatible with us, Please feel free to invite the theme author to join our "Go Global" program to make theme fully compatible with WPML:


You can send me a link to download your theme, theme author's name and email and I will forward that to our compatibility department and they will contact the author.

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