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May 1, 2018 at 8:20 am #1909676

Angela Tatli

Hello Supportteam,
I can not translate the body of my newsletter form from Jetpack. The WPML string translation plugin is installed. Screenshot below.

I followed this support Video. (link below)

There is no translation possibility for the field of the newsletter formular.

I am very grateful for help.

Best regards
Angela Tatli

May 2, 2018 at 4:05 pm #1938286


Hello Angela,

thanks for contacting us on this.

The standard Widget Translation works for Text Widgets or widgets that can be defined as multilingual.

For the Jetpack Newsletter Widget you need to:

1 . Ensure that the widget is set as multilingual widget showing for all languages

2 . Register the admin strings for the widget text from the admin strings screen to string translation

You need to scroll down in the String Translation page to the bottom and follow the link to translate admin strings.

In that screen you will have to find the widget for the jetpack blog subscription, if you open the menu you can search for the jetpack widget and open the menu for it. You will find the widget texts there and you select the texts that you want to show translated on the site.

Please take note of the number assigned to the widget you are selecting to be translated as you will need it afterwards.

Then you add them to String Translation by clicking on the blue button "apply" and they get registered as admin strings. You then can translate them in string translation and save.

3 . Register the xml configuration for the widget in the XML Tab in WPML > Translation Management

For the translated texts to appear you may need to register a language configuration file for that specific widget.

You have to paste an xml code following this pattern and including the elements you have translated and want to show.

The first keyname for the widget may be "widget_blog_subscription" or whatever the titel of your widget is.

You will also see that in the admin strings screen there was a number or specification for this specific widget you are translating. You will have to add that too.

Then follow this model:
Note that the keyname "2" could be different on your page depending on how many widgets you had for this, so it has to correspond with the number of the widget you registered the strings in the admin strings screen:

    <key name="widget_blog_subscription">
      <key name="2">
        <key name="title"/>
        <key name="subscribe_text"/>
        <key name="subscribe_placeholder"/>
        <key name="subscribe_button"/>
        <key name="success_message"/>

Another option to deal with it would be to set different instances of the same widget for each language (each one containing its translated strings) and assign them to show only on one language.

That would enable the widget to show separately without needing to translate anything in string translation.

For other Jetpack elements we have this documentation page:

Kind regards,

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