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Last updated by Diego Pereira 1 year, 5 months ago.

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September 11, 2018 at 1:14 pm #2723819



I am going to translate images from German into English, adding image captions, descriptions, alt texts and so on. In the posts, the images are supposed to show different captions according to their language (or none if they haven't been translated yet). I do not need different image versions in different languages.

This process seems to be a bit labourious.

P1. I found a screenshot in a blog about wpml, showing the media library with flags and translations status: both is missing in my installation.
P2. In the media translation section of WPML, there is rather no information in the table: no flags, no image title, no file name, no meta data.

What I expect:
E1. A table view of all images with their translation status, including meta data.
E2. A table view with all image meta data where I can edit the captions etc. in bulk.
E3. Automatically translated images are not supposed to get the image meta data of their original language, but obviously they do. These field should be left blank.
E4. Images in translated posts are supposed only to show captions if there are any in this language. In my installation, they show German captions in English pages.
E5. When editing details of an image within a post such as the image caption, this is supposed to be the source caption of that image, not the individual caption of this image in this post. (It seems to be as it would be like that.)

I'd be happy to get some hints how to work with image translations in an efficient way.
Thank you.

September 12, 2018 at 8:14 pm #2728947

Diego Pereira

Languages: English (English ) Spanish (Español ) Portuguese (Brazil) (Português )

Timezone: America/Sao_Paulo (GMT-03:00)

Hello @simono-7, welcome to the WPML support Forum!

This screenshot appears to be from an older version of Media Translator. Many changes have been made, please take a look at this link:

To see/translate the image title/caption on the Media Translation screen, you need to click on the plus/pencil icon. The titles and descriptions of the images will be also displayed in the translation editor screen, so you can translate it when editing the translation of the page as well. These fields will also be available for the translator if you assign the translation to another user using the translation management.

If you need more help just let me know.

All the best,

September 20, 2018 at 7:22 am #2751114


Hello Diego,

thanks for your help and sorry for my late reply.
I still have some questions, as I am working on a 4 language site with more than 100 pages each, so I would like to keep my work on the right track.

I have read the page under the link you posted. The screens and the experience differ a bit from my installation:

1. In my settings, there is no checkbox with "Use the same feature image ...".
This is an option I really would appreciate, as all pages in my website have 4 language versions with the same feature image. I case of replacing a feature image, I would prefer to change it only once instead of 4 times. How can I do this? And where is the checkbox? I am using WPML CMS 4.0.7.

2. Translating media #1:
I have translated the descriptions etc. by using the media library. In the media translation list / table, all images are marked by WPML not to be translated (though they are) and I can not change this status anywhere. In the translation popup of an image all translated strings appear, but I can't save this status. Is the status important for the image meta to work correctly?

3. Translating media #2:
There is another setting concerning images, and it is marked with a lock (3rd line, see screenshot attached). Its english title may be "Post translation". What happens if I unlock this setting?

4. Translating media #3
The image list / table works, but it could be improved: there is no image file name and no image title shown. Would be helpful.

Thank you!

September 20, 2018 at 3:04 pm #2752611

Diego Pereira

Languages: English (English ) Spanish (Español ) Portuguese (Brazil) (Português )

Timezone: America/Sao_Paulo (GMT-03:00)

Hi there, feedback below:

1) If you have the WPML Media extension enable, the translation options should appear on WPML > Settings > Media Translation (see screenshot).

The "Duplicated featured image" option is also available on the edit screen of the page (right sidebar).

2) It will only show the "Translated" status if you modify the image on the translation. It should work normally even with this status

3) The Media post type should be set as translatable so that WPML works correctly. I recommend not to modify this.

4) Thanks a lot for the suggestion 🙂 I will forward it to our team.

If you need more help just let me know.

Kind regards,

September 20, 2018 at 4:42 pm #2752837


Hello Diego,

thanks for your help!
Just another single question: Assuming there is a page with 3 translations, all using the same feature image (as it has been duplicated while translating): is there a way to change the feature images of all language pages just by one action? Or do I have to change the image 4 times?

Kind regards, Simon

September 20, 2018 at 8:54 pm #2753288

Diego Pereira

Languages: English (English ) Spanish (Español ) Portuguese (Brazil) (Português )

Timezone: America/Sao_Paulo (GMT-03:00)

Hi there,

If the "duplicate featured image option" is checked on the post, you can try to modify the Featured Image on the original page. But I'm not sure if it will work because each translation is independent. But it's worth the test.

If you need more help just let me know.