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June 3, 2019 at 2:46 pm #3943671


we are in the set-up of a shop for United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom in Germany. The shop has the same structure but for each country different products. That's why a multi-site approach was needed.

WPML is the most superior solution to support hreflang, SEO, Woocoomerce and so on, but the set-up is not working as we think.

Our sitesin the future will be:

Our requirements are

1) Browser based language redirection
When a user visits he should be redirect based on its browser language. On which level we would have to set-this up and how? On a technical multisite like and are own sites because of the different shop inventory

2) Country selector
Once a visitor arrives at he will see a country selector and will be redirected to the country he selects, e.g for US What we also want to achieve when I have generic link e.g. following should happen: a)country selector opens, b) I select for example United States c) I will land on Is this anything WPML has options in settings to help with

3) How the set-up needs to be that when we select another shop with a flag in the dropdown menu or via the country selector (it is a own 3rd party plugin) that I will come to exactly the same section of another shop? So when I'm in Luggage in EN-US and switch to EN-AU will I also land in luggage EN-AU? Not sure about this set-up.

Tried to read all articles but right now I see no solution how to work right with WPML in this set-up.

Thank you for your help.

June 4, 2019 at 3:49 am #3947731

Shekhar Bhandari

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Hello there,

Welcome to WPML support. I'd be assisting you further on this issue.

So the structure is achieved using multisite

You can also achieve this using different directories per language with some custom languages, more details here:
- hidden link

Also, it's possible to create different products using directories too inside a single site, you can just change the language and create language independent products.

Have you set up the WPML in multisite as explained here? This is an experimental feature and has known limitations so make sure to read the documentation properly before starting,

Browser based language redirection
It's possible with just one option but WPML should be set up properly, more details here:

Country selector
This is not possible without custom programming work at the moment, which is outside the scope of our support.

Regarding the country dropdown, since you are using another plugin for this feature I am not sure if this supports the functionality that you are searching for, with just WPML language switcher, you can switch from the page it's translation without any issues.

Let me know if this helps.

Look forward to your reply.


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