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This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: The translation editor only shows the Yoast fields and the titles of the page. The pages can't be translated.

Solution: If you created the translation for the page and did not save it with 100% complete, the moment the original page is updated with new content (modules, additional text boxes, etc), the new fields in the Translation Editor are not recognised if the translation was not finished.

To get the fields to show in the translation editor you need to do this:

- Go to the page you want to translate, edit the uncomplete translation and finish it as it is with 100% marked as complete.

- Now go back to the original page and make a small change in the original page and save it again.

-Edit the translation again with in the same mode you started and the fields of the original page will be show

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October 17, 2017 at 5:19 am #1402809


I am trying to:translate posts/pages, my sole purpose for purchasing WPML

Link to a page where the issue can be seen:
1) hidden link
2) hidden link
I expected to see: a field to input my translations.

Instead, I got: only able to translate Yoast SEO meta content, nothing else, despite having 3 WPML plugins installed and following all your instructions and videos.

October 17, 2017 at 4:52 pm #1403778



thanks for contacting support and sorry for the inconveniences

The way your screenshots look, this could be due to a missing configuration file or to a workflow issue due to changing the translation mode while translations were not finished.

Please go to WPML > Translation Management > Multilingual Content Setup and check which translation mode is active. If you are not using the Translation Editor, please enable it if you want to use it.

Check then in the section for the custom fields and custom post types if there is any custom post type that you are trying to translate that is not set to "translate". If there is, change this setting and save.

Then please try this:

-Go to Plugins -> Add new -> Commercial -> and click on "check for updates". This will retrieve the language configuration file in case it was missing.

- Then please check in WPML > Translation Management > Translation jobs if for the page you are trying to translate there is any unfinished translation job active (like Waiting for translator or in progress) and delete that job.
Then please check in WPML > Translation Management > Translation jobs if for the page you are
trying to translate there is any unfinished translation job active (like Waiting for translator or in progress) and delete that job.

- Go to the page you want to translate, edit the translation and finish it as it is with 100% marked as complete

- Now go back to the original page and make a small change in the original page and save it again.

-Edit the translation again with in the same mode you started (if you are in manual translation mode use the manual translation, if you started with translation editor use that)

I am enabling therefore the private response box for your next reply in case this does not solve anything. The answer will be visible just for you and me. I would then like to check on you page to see if there is any setting that may be missing or if this could be some other problem.

Kind regards,


October 19, 2017 at 3:09 pm #1406120



please check the page for "New World Condos" and edit the translation, the fields are all appearing now.

I just entered the translation, saved it as 100% completed and when getting back to the original page I re-saved that page. Now the fields appear all correctly in the Translation Editor.

The problem here is the workflow issue that appears when the original page is updated while the translation was not finished.

If you created the translation for the page and did not save it with 100% complete, the moment the original page is updated with new content (modules, additional text boxes, etc), the new fields in the Translation Editor are not recognised if the translation was not finished.

If the document in the original language changes, there's no way WPML can continue the translations "as is". This is due to limitations that we have with page builders and the way the contents are identified.

The problem arises when there are unfinished translations and you change anything in the original page. If the translation is finished you can change the page or switch to the manual translation without information being lost.

If you then change anything to the original page, be sure to check if there is anything missing in the translated page afterwards. There should appear all translated content in the editor, only the new fields should be empty.

We understand that we need to change something. The developers are working on a way to solve this kind of problems to implement some "memory" to avoid losing existing strings.

Kind regards,

October 20, 2017 at 2:34 am #1406639


Thanks Cristina, you are right, the New World Condos page now translates properly. However none of the other pages or blog posts work. At all.

I tried your technique of saving the translation as 100% complete, then saving the original post again, and finally returning back to the translation -- still only shows the Yoast SEO meta fields, nothing else.

Even so, I continued to follow your steps on another half dozen various blog posts and pages however nowhere else do the fields suddenly re-appear for translation.

What am I doing wrong? I understand your explanation about why the fields disappear from the WPML translation, but almost all of these pages/posts have never been edited since installing WPML. So why did the fields disappear in the first place?

I would understand if the translation was only missing from a few pages, but it is missing from EVERY page and post except New World Condos and despite following your advice, I cannot make the translation fields appear anywhere else.

October 20, 2017 at 8:26 am #1406793



I logged in and saw the pages and made the same as yesterday, the fields are appearing now correctly for the started translations:

Rayong Condochain marked as finished
All About Rayong marked as needs translation (loading icon)
Victory View Condos marked as needs translation (loading icon)

Blog post:
All About Rayong

I have checked with some untranslated pages to see why it does not work at the first attempt and I think this can be due to the admin language selected for the wordpress admin. When choosing just to see the swedish pages, the admin language changes.

If you open a swedish page you begin editing the swedish translation before the original english page was re-saved. That may be the cause for the problems you got with the pages. You will get a pop up warning that you are opening a page in manual mode.

I would recommend that you check in the top admin bar that english is selected as admin language before opening the pages and posts. Otherwise you may be opening a swedish page in manual mode, and this could cause the fields to get lost.

Rayong Condochai ist marked as 100% but you need to translate it still, the other two pages are not finished. But they are not synched to the original page, so the translation will open fine with all fields.

Now I have proceeded this way for Vip Condos.

I went to the english original, with english selected as admin language, and changed a little detail in the text, like adding a comma at the end of the first text block. Then I saved the page.
The translation now shows the icon for "needs update" and when you open it, all fields are there.

Then I saved and closed the translation unfinished, returned to the original page, reverted the little change and saved the page. The translation remains now unfinished, but it contains all fields.

For untranslated pages I went to the english original, saved /updated it without changing anything and then I started the translation with all fields there. Now it was not necessary to mark it as finished, because I did not open the swedish page in manual mode. You will see that in Vip Condos.

Kind regards,

November 2, 2017 at 5:05 pm #1419383


Hey Cristina, really appreciate the help so far. Have gotten the entire site fully translated now except for one last page that is continuing to give me issues. No matter how many times I edit and save the original post, the WPML translate version of it still shows the entire post in one single block of VC shortcodes instead of breaking the page up into separate strings. Ever had this happen before? (The page is question is the "All Properties" page and your login details are still active, if you wish to tinker with it yourself.)

November 3, 2017 at 10:50 am #1419964



I logged into the site and edited this page's translation: In the body, the last item is a post-grid module. I just copied it to the swedish page, as it is the same shortcode, and now the post grid appears correctly.

As there were some featured images missing I updated some english posts with the option to duplicate the featured media and then updated the translations too. When this is missing, the swedish posts may be missing the featured image in the grid.

I have made a private page with just the post grid for you to check.
In WPML > Translation Management > Multilingual Content Setup you have not checked the option to synchronize the page templates. As I don't know if this is on purpose I did not change it. But you could try if enabling this checkbox copies the post grid code to the translated page, so you don't need to do it manually.

The page is now looking like the english page. The first listing module is empty in both languages, but that is not related to the translation.

Kind regards,

November 8, 2017 at 10:57 am #1424274


Thanks for the heads up -- I have corrected my Multilingual Content Setup to synchronize page templates. Not sure how that got switched off but it was most likely while I was tinkering around initially trying to figure out why the VC fields weren't appearing for translation.

Now we've come to what I hope will be the last problem.

When editing the homepage in English, it displays the message: "Warning: You are trying to edit a translation using the standard WordPress editor but your site is configured to use the WPML Translation Editor."

However using the translation editor, only a few homepage fields show, not all of them. I've saved, edited, saved, edited, saved this page and switched between languages countless times yet all to no avail. The missing fields will show up for translation.

I finally got frustrated and opened the Swedish version from the WP Posts page using the pencil icon and that opened the post for editing with VC in the Swedish language, instead of opening in the translator. But because it was in VC I could see all of the fields and so I translated the remaining sections in English to Swedish and hit save.

As you might have guessed, that changed my English homepage into a mix of both English and Swedish. When trying to fix the English version I keep ending up with that error message I mentioned above and the circle repeats. If I do edit it in VC, I'll fix the English page but mess up the Swedish page. And editing this page using the WPML translation editor only shows half the fields, so that is no help either.

November 8, 2017 at 11:51 am #1424354



I'm sorry to hear about the mess, but it is strange, because usually even if you see a warning you dont' get this mess after using the manual translation mode.

I see the modules in swedish on the homepage and what I have seen sometimes is that when changing or editing in the manual mode it is very easy to not check which flag is showing in the admin top bar. So maybe there was something edited in the wrong language without noticing it?

As for the solution, if the texts are translated to swedish, you could save them to keep them in a secure place and then delete the swedish page, redo the english page correctly from scratch and translate again to swedish the normal way.

As some of these modules are calling other posts lists, there is not that much text content in these rows.

If something does not appear in the editor for swedish and you want to edit that in manual mode, change the mode first in the Multilingual Content Setup, edit the page and change after saving back to the translation editor. Then open and resave to keep everything in the translator.

This may be easier if it just happens to the homepage than changing back and forth with the settings.

Kind regards,

November 8, 2017 at 12:44 pm #1424446


It's not about what flag is showing in the admin bar -- that is always English. It's about where I click to open the translation.

-If I click on the post/page title itself, it always opens the normal WP editor (with VC).
-If I click on the translation pencil (while on the main WP posts page) it opens the translated version in WP editor, not WPML translation editor.
-Only if I click on the WPML pencil while already editing a post does it open in the WPML translation editor.

All that aside, I realize that most of the textual content on the homepage is limited to module titles and a couple short paragraphs. But these same modules appear on other pages and translate fine. What is different about the homepage?

I tried creating a new homepage, as suggested. Same problem persists. It is only showing VC text modules, not text placed in other module types. This missing text cannot be found in the string editor either. (Isn't that the point of the string editor?)

So.....this missing text, if I cannot edit it in WP, WPML or the string editor, is there any other way to edit it? Or does that mean my homepage can only be partially translated?

November 8, 2017 at 1:33 pm #1424536



I just logged into the page and went to the english homepage-2.
The modules showing in the visual composer were written in swedish on the english page.

Wenn I clicked on the pencil icon for the swedish translation the translation editor opened and I could see the english texts and the swedish translation, but just a few text modules were showing. They may not be registered for translation correctly.

I have made a private english page with the same modules and english text and then clicked to translate the page to swedish. There was no problem with that, but the modules still showed in english on the swedish page as well. I reproduced what you did, but the modules still did not translate.

So the problem are these visual composer modules that belong to the custom modules and are part of the theme.

Can I make a snapshot of the site to check this on a local install? This would avoid making changes on your site settings that may cause more trouble.

Kind regards,

November 9, 2017 at 4:13 pm #1426266


Yes, please, feel free. Thanks!

November 17, 2017 at 11:17 am #1433707



sorry for the delays with my answer. I installed the snapshot, and the homepage grid modules showed well after I changed a setting in WPML > Translation Management. In Multilingual Content Setup I changed in the section for Custom Posts the settings for "Custom CSS", "Changesets" and "Vc-Templates" from "translate" do "do nothing".

After this the grids modules showed correctly in the swedish homepage.

The reason to set them to "do nothing" ist that these template and styling parts are not text strings but css-rules and design settings. So there is nothing translatable there.

Regarding the texts of the map module and some property listing boxes from the theme like "search for property".
These strings need to be search and translated in String Translation to show as admin texts in the map controls. For example, if you search for "Search for Property" in String Translation, you can translated the admin text there and it will show in the swedish map module. (Screenshot)

There are however some modules that seem to have problems with the Translation Editor, so I am checking that for compatibility still, as it may have to be escalated to the second level support and the compatibility team.

Kind regards,

November 25, 2017 at 4:24 am #1441005


You are a magic worker Cristina, thanks! Tried searching the string translations, editing, saving, re-editing, re-saving, re-searching, everything trying to get those missing fragments to show up so I could translate them. At least now I know why. Thanks again for all the help, think I'm finally starting to get the hang of WPML 😉