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February 7, 2018 at 1:35 am #1509300


I bought the plugin to migrate my site from QtranslateX to WPML.
The problem is than when I try to use the migration with qtranslate importer, the message;

Please save the qTranslate settings to the datbase first.

I saw a thread help in the forum, but there´s not a general solution.

My site is in egnlish original and haves translations to 19 languages with qtranslateX

the site is: hidden link

I want to know if some body can help me.

February 8, 2018 at 6:11 pm #1511982



thanks for contacting us on this and sorry for any delays.

I understand that you are stuck because you don't know what it means when there is the instruction to backup the database.

So this instruction

So the process is more or less this:

Steps before starting the import:

- Backup the database and ideally the whole site. To do this you can use a backup plugin and make a fresh copy. In case any problem appears, you can restore the copy you made and start fresh.

- Check the qTanslate language settings:
The original languages in qtranslate should have the same setting as the langauges defined in WPML. That is the language codes should be the same to show the content in that language after the import. So if you have any custom language codes like "tw" for traditional chinese and WPML uses the code zh_hant, the languages will not match together.

- Deactivate all other plugins to avoid problems.

Steps in WPML to prepare for the import:

- Go to WPML > Support > troubleshooting page and chose the option "RESET" at the bottom of the page to reset all translation and language data for WPML. This deactivates WPML.
As the qTranslate WPML importer imports all information it may get stuck if there is already existing information, that will block the import.

- Enable WPML again, without String Translation and the rest of WPML addons.

Steps for the import process:

- Start the import process and see if all batches of 10 posts are imported. They will appear in a list until it is finished. It may take some time.

- After the import check if all languages have been imported. If any is missing, you can check in the database if there is any content with an original language code from the old qtranslate language codes. That language is not correctly assigned and this can be corrected.

If you already followed these steps as described in the guidelines and it did not work, we would like to have some more information about the site and configuration.

I am enabling the debug information box for your next reply. To get some more information about your problem, please fill in the debug information for your next answer. You will find the debug info in WPML > Support > debug information. Just copy the text in the grey area and paste it into the field. This way I can see more about the settings and the site structure.

Kind regards,

February 9, 2018 at 8:33 pm #1513388


I tried but nothing happen.

I am ready with my backup, and have ready a ftp account and password for you, too I have an access to cpanel and wp - admin for you.

Please give me a mail to send you that information.

February 12, 2018 at 6:59 pm #1515314



thanks for the feedback and the debug information, and sorry for the delays.

There are some issues that could be a problem here, as the site does not match all minimum requirements for WPML.

The recommended PHP version is 5.6 or above, and your site now is using PHP 5.4 which is already not supported by PHP anymore.
MySQL 5.5. is supported, but we recommend to use 5.6 or above.

There could be issues with that.

I am enabling the private reply box for your next answer.

Kind regards,

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