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September 6, 2019 at 4:07 pm #4526499


I am trying to: I have written a blog post in German and translated it in English (100% complete). Then I published the German post. On the German page for all blog posts, the new post is displayed, on the English overview page for all blog posts it is not displayed.

Link to a page where the issue can be seen: hidden link (German) hidden link (English)

I expected to see: On the English Page I expected to see the new blog post in the overview - in the same way as on the German page (see uebersicht-de.jpg).

Instead, I got: The new English blog post is not displayed (see uebersicht-en.jpg)

When I open the German version of the post itself and then change to English, the translated post is displayed correctly.

I have experimented with the settings. The described behavior happens when the post type translation for posts is set to "translateable - show only translated element". (see beitragstypen1.jpg) If I change the setting to "translateable - use translation if available or use standard language" (see beitragstypen2.jpg), the blog post is displayed on the overview page for English posts, but in German (see uebersicht-en2.jpg). However, when I open the blog post itself, it is displayed in English.

My interpretation is, that WordPress/WPML/? thinks, that the post is not translated yet. However, the post is completely translated (see translationmanagement.jpg). Or is it?

I changed themes and back again. The behavior is the same no matter what theme is used.

Kind regards

September 7, 2019 at 3:32 pm #4529415


For others having the same problem:

I found out that you have to actually publish the English blog post for it to appear on the list.

(I've read the documentation - there is no place where it says so)

I go to edit my German blog post and publish it. It appears in the German list of blog posts.

In the editor for the blog post I use the language switcher on top of the page and switch to the English version. There I can publish the post.

I used the translation manager and was under the impression that once a translation is finished and I publish the original post, that the translated post will be published automatically. Obviously I was wrong and it took me a day to figure it out...