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Last updated by Alex Paulsen 4 years, 4 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Joanna.

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August 31, 2017 at 8:37 pm #1355588

Alex Paulsen

Hello again, Joanna

As mentioned in earlier ticket, I have run into two issues when translating products and product categories.

1. Continuing on the aforementioned issue with translated product categories having faulty URL's when opening them from the backend:

a) You wrote me to check 'WPML->Translation Management->Multilingual Content Setup->Custom posts slug translation options you have the "Translate custom posts slugs (via WPML String Translation)." option enabled.' I can't locate this option in the Custom posts.

b) You wrote me to check 'In WPML->Translation Management->Multilingual Content Setup->Custom posts you have the "Use different slugs in different languages for CustomPostType." option enabled for Products and all slugs are correctly translated there.' This option I found, and I have attached an image of my current setup, where this option is enabled and seems to be set up correctly.

To my knowledge, there is no third party plugin to create custom slugs.

I am submitting login credentials below.

2. When I translate a product from DK to EN or DE through the translation editor, I'm having more URL-problems afterwards. I have attached a series of 7 images that show what happens, when I translate, because it is difficult to explain clearly. But it's well-shown on the images. This happens sometimes when translating to EN (but not always), and often when translating to DE.

I have inserted the codestring you gave me to increase WP memory limit i wp-config.php

Here are the url and login credentials. I don't have FTP at the moment.

Best regards,

translation product step 7.jpg
translation product step 6.jpg
translation product step 5.jpg
translation product step 4.jpg
translation product step 3.jpg
translation product step 2.jpg
translation product step 1.jpg
1 - Heta WPML MCS CP settings.jpg
September 1, 2017 at 8:06 am #1355765

Alex Paulsen


Update: I believe I found a solution to the second issue. When leaving the product category fields empty in the bottom of the Translation Editor, the url created is correct. Not sure why this works, but it does.

The first issue still remains unsolved.



September 1, 2017 at 11:30 am #1355919


Hello Alex,

1. a) You can find the option in the "Custom posts slug translation options" section. I already checked your settings and they are correct.

It turned out that you didn't provide the product category base in Settings->Permalinks. If you leave the option empty, then the base in the default language is always used in the backend.
I added the product category base (the same as the default English one) and resaved your permalinks and slug translations. Now, everything seems to work as expected.

2. It seems that it's a compatibility issue between WPML and Enhanced Category Pages. Could you please tell me how do you use the plugin? I'll try to replicate the issue on a clean installation and if I succeed, I'll be able to escalate the issue to our Compatibility Team. They will offer the plugin's authors cooperation on making their product compatible with WPML.
You can also invite them to our Go Global Program:

When you translate your categories via Translation Editor, changes are applied not only to the specific product but globally to all products. It seems that Enhanced Category Pages doesn't like this action.

As some kind of a workaround, you should use your solution and don't translate your categories in Translation editor but make global changes if needed.

September 8, 2017 at 1:24 pm #1365107

Alex Paulsen

Hello, Joanna,

Both issues seems to be okay now. With my workaround for issue 2, translating products seems to be working as expected.

Regarding the Enhanced Category Pages plugin, I am using it as a way of creating a "hook" to have Visual Composer pagebuilding capabilities for WooCommerce's Product Category pages. This is normally not possible. I don't have the technical specifics as to how this is setup, because it has been implemented by an external developer. can I submit some info, that could lead you on the right track?

I have come across a minor issue: When I translate a normal Page, I choose the "Translate Independently" to seperate it from the default language original. But if I need to make changes to the default language version of that page, the translated page(s) is overwritten by the changes made to the default language version. Also, the "Translate Independently"-button re-appears on the translated Pages. Any ideas as to why this happens?

If you for any reason need to log in to the backend again, I have to insist that you do not disable or update themes or plugins. Some important settings for parts of the page were lost last time, I was fortunately able to restore them by backup.

Have a nice weekend. 🙂

Best regards,