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May 9, 2019 at 11:20 am


A client approached us exactly one year ago, in short he wanted this:
- simple web shop that runs on four languages
- possibility of daily stock / price update for two attributes (size & color)
- once a month 30-50 new products to import, on all 4 languages

Sounds pretty easy, but on my one year voyage to have what I thought was a simple web shop I've encountered a numerous problems. Here I will try to describe them to you as best as I can.

WordPress configuration, the basics only:
• WordPress 5.1.1. (by the time I was writing this it upgraded to 5.2)
• Divi theme 3.22.7 (child theme)
• WooCommerce 3.6.2
• WooCommerce Multilingual
• WP All Import Pro 4.5.6
• WP All Import - WooCommerce Add-On Pro 3.0.7
• WPML All Import 2.1 (by the time I was writing this it upgraded to 2.1.1)
• WPML Multilingual CMS 4.2.6
• Extendons: WooCommerce 360º Image Plugin 1.0.2

I will try to describe my import process here. There is a lot going on and I'm afraid I can't put it shorter and sorry for any grammar mistakes you encounter.

For import, my default language is Croatian and I'm using „new items“ type of import called „Hrvatski“ under ID 19 (this is a reference for you when you log into the website) with everything working as I set it up in „edit import“ and „import settings“ of that import.

From FTP uploaded „.xls“ file, import creates WooCommerce variable products with two attributes – color and size and it uses these parameters in „edit import“:

- product name
- uses product description* (tabbed description under the product gallery)
- uses short description (right of the product)
- uses SKU
- uses price and stock quantity for each variation
- uses variation description
- uses size and color attributes
- uses option: „All variations for a particular product have the same title. There are no parent products.“ - and manages stock there
- uses option: „Products have hierarchical (parent/child) product category (i.e. Sports > Golf > Clubs > Putters)“ - and it uses category info

Import settings:

- „Create new products from records newly present in your file“
- „Choose which data to update“ for updates
- Update all „Attributes“
- Leave certain custom fields alone (360º plugin created custom fields)
- Update product taxonomies – Category

After the first import was imported (that was about 7 months ago with „upload file“ option for the „.xls“ file, not the „url“ one), the client added 360º images, featured images, and variation images for every product. We had a few problems, but with a trial and error method we have managed to set up a default language import. It takes around 4 to 5 hours for the whole import process and we used to cancel and start from the beginning a lot until we were happy with the import.

That was basically the default language import process.

Here is the second part – WPML and 3 other languages.

There are 3 more languages ready for import, all under practically the same „edit“ and „import“ settings as the default one (Croatian) – English (ID 20), German (ID 22) and Italian (ID 23).

We struggled with that import as well, like for 3 weeks (trying everything) until we detected a client side error in a „.xls“. After we managed to clean that up we started an import process for other languages. The import proces at the end finished pretty good (of course, after many trial and error attempts). But the real issues (that we noticed) started to appear after we got an updated „.xls“ file and run that import…

First noticed errors:

Taxonomies and attributes issues

Issue 1: Import creates new categories for 3 languages (EN/DE/IT) in a default language (HR) and stores them in WooCommerce categories, all under the currently running import process.

A few months ago this was an issue, but we've managed to fix it (we even contacted your support team: It created new categories in default language, for example English language and it would put them in that (wrong) categories. After disabling „Update: Taxonomies“ for other languages (under „import settings“) import it worked fine except it still creates new categories but correctly puts products under correct category.

Reference link EN: hidden link

There are originally 57 categories, and WP shows 99 in other languages, as you can see there are a lot of newly created product categories in Croatian language just sitting there with 0 products attached to them. We could ignore this, but it shows all these categories in left sidebar widget for product categories on product archive pages. Consider this issue the last one to fix.

Issue 2: We recently noticed the same thing happens to the size and color attributes (like for categories)

At first we didn't notice that sometimes attributes duplicate, but not for every product and not the same in every language. It looks like some random thing, we couldn't find the pattern for that.

Reference link HR: hidden link

For example, there are four beige color (under the Croatian attributes) but only one is set for products, others were created during import and are empty:

Name: beige / Slug: beige-de / Number: 0
Name: bež / Slug: bez / Number: 74 - this one is original, first, correct one…
Name: bež / Slug: bez-de / Number: 0
Name: bež / Slug: bez-de-2 / Number: 0

Variations issues

Issue 3: Variation description not showing the same on all languages

We noticed that on certain products of certain languages not every variation has a description.

Attributes are sometimes shown different number of variations for certain languages.

Reference link HR: hidden link - shows correct
Reference link EN: hidden link - not showing at all
Reference link DE: hidden link - shows only on number 40
Reference link IT: hidden link - shows only on number 39 but on German language

Issue 4: Sometimes attributes like size and color are duplicated inside a product

This is maybe an issue addressed to All Import team, but I will leave it here just in case because it affects each language differently. On the front end you see a double attribute and in backend only one.

Reference link IT: hidden link - you can see in „Additional information“ there are two colors – „crna“, „crna“ (they are both on wrong name – Croatian – issue 3)

Other languages show only one color in that tab (German show color in Croatian term – issue 3)

Issue 5: Different attributes

Attributes are sometimes shown different number of variations for certain languages.

Reference link HR: hidden link - shows correct
Reference link EN: hidden link - number 36 missing – but it is in tab „Aditional informations“
Reference link DE: hidden link - shows correct
Reference link IT: hidden link - shows correct

Issue 6: Duplicated variations

In some cases, some products have duplicated variations in the backend, in frontend you can't see that. This is maybe an issue addressed to All Import team, but I will leave it here just in case.

Reference link: hidden link

Issue 7: Frontend showing from-to price range (ex. 126$-189$)

After the price was changed in a new „.xls“ file and then that file was imported to a site in frontend you can see price range but in the backend you can't. This is maybe an issue addressed to All Import team, but I will leave it here just in case because we noticed changes in two out of three other languages.

Reference link HR: hidden link - shows one price
Reference link EN: hidden link - shows range
Reference link DE: hidden link - shows one price
Reference link IT: hidden link - shows range

These were the biggest and constant issues. Two weeks ago we ran an import for all 4 languages and this next issue didn't happen at all until we made an update 5 days ago.

Issue 8: Featured image not copied to other languages

This crazy thing, I don't know how to call it anymore, happened to English and German language, but for the Italian something even weirder happened – it used one of the „pictogram“ image as a featured but only for certain category – „Obuća“. This is maybe related to custom code we inserted in All Import plugins function.php that roughly says „if there is category „Obuća“ show a div table with pictograms showing what kind of materials is a product made of“ – it gets the info from a „.xls“ file. Two weeks ago it worked fine, but we can't really see how does this happen only in Italian language.

Reference link for Italian: hidden link

One other thing, on the English/German page in frontend you can see products with featured image, but in the backend there is none specified: hidden link / hidden link

Does it all has to do something with „url“ type of import or „upload file“ type of import I don't know because 2 weeks ago (when featured image was showing) we used „upload file“ type for importing a Croatian (default) and Italian and „url“ for importing English and German language. Maybe this is an issue - all four languages imports were created and updated with „New items“ type of import“ (not the other one – „Existing items“)

Maybe our main „.xls“ file is not set up properly. There are basically all languages in one file, but different columns and columns parameters depend on the languages.

Maybe the problem is in „.xls“ format, but we had a lot of problems with „.xml“ one.

We've spent a lot of time on this project and fortunately the client was very patient, but we have to move on and put a closure on this. We have read all the documentation and tried probably everything and I worked with All import before, but this is the first time we are working with WPML All Import. We expected a simple job, but this issues are just so random that it came to this – a five page issue report.

You already have admin privileges for our site and you can freely check every single detail and maybe copy this site to your new WP installation or something. The only important thing is that featured images, variation images and 360º plugin images that were manually imported one by one into the system must remain there – in other words starting from the beginning is the last option.

Here are the files used for import:
hidden link - Croatian
hidden link - English
hidden link - German
hidden link - Italian

We hope that solwing of this issue will help improve this plugin and WPML and All import compatibility so it can continue dominate the market.


May 9, 2019 at 2:44 pm #3777319


Languages: English (English ) Spanish (Español )

Timezone: Europe/Madrid (GMT+02:00)


This is a very long post and before I pick it apart, I need to inform you that at this moment, WP All Import does *not* support the import of Woocommerce Products.

There area number of known issues and they are currently being addressed by the developer.

Given this knowledge, please let me know what issues I shoudl focus on in your original message.

May 10, 2019 at 9:19 am #3782681


Hello Yvette,

I've also sent an email to WP All Import to find out something about this issues.

Well... they are all tied to Woocommerce and they are all important... For now, you could ignore the first one (categories)...

May 14, 2019 at 9:08 am #3805011

Oscar Miras


Yvette is on holidays so I will be helping you to deal with this issue.
My name is Oscar, nice to meet you.

If you have no preference, we may start with issue #2 (it is quite related to issue #1, though)

I would like you to confirm some points before going on:

1. The issue happened after using WPML All Import? Please, notice that WP All Import and WPML All Import are both different plugins from different companies.
2. In case the issue happened after using WPML All Import, did you create and translate all categories before doing the import process? Please, notice that is mandatory to translate all taxonomies before importing the products: Saying it in a different way, WPML All Import does not create any taxonomies.

Thank for you for your collaboration,

May 14, 2019 at 9:50 am #3805531


Hello Oscar,

let me start with WP All Import reply on my ticket regarding this issue and Yvette's reply on my message ("I need to inform you that at this moment, WP All Import does *not* support the import of Woocommerce Products."):

"No, and it's not true, we fully support importing WooCommerce Products. We do not, however, support importing multiple languages - that's completely handled by WPML and their add-on. In any case, I would suggest asking them to elaborate on this because I have no idea what they're talking about."

Now, let's get back to that Issue #2 (or #1)

1. Yes

2. All taxonomies, categories and attributes were first created with import on default language (Croatian) and translated in WPML. After all the translating I've imported other languages and that happened (issue #1/2).

Can you check the ".xls" file is it set correctly because all languages are practically in the same file under different columns so when I set up another language under "edit import" I pull information from different columns. Could that be an issue? Maybe that messes everything?

Does Enabled "Stream Reader" (under "Settings") causes something similar?

May 15, 2019 at 9:46 am #3814537

Oscar Miras


I've been looking at this issue thoroughly. Sorry for the delay in my answer.

  • Pulling the information from different columns should not be an issue. At the end of the day, the translations of your products seem to work fine.
  • "Stream Reader" shouldn't either be a problem, in case no error showed up during the import process.

The most possible cause of the repeated attributes may be that not all your attributes are translated. Particularly, the "bez" colour is not translated. It is a requirement to translate attributes and categories before importing with WPML All Import. Otherwise, I'm afraid that the import process may lead to unexpected results. Please, translate all your Categories and Attributes in Woocoomerce > Woocoomerce Multilingual.

Because the translation between your products seems to work fine (for example, the product
hidden link can be viewed in all languages, even the colour attribute works fine); I think that you can remove those extra attributes that are not associated with any product. But please, before doing it, try this operation in a staging site or be sure to have a full backup of your site, in case something goes wrong.

Related documentation:

Tell me if this solves your doubts regarding issue #2 so we can move further.

Kind regards,

May 15, 2019 at 11:32 am #3815655


Well, as I said, original attributes were created during the first import, other ones after updated import. I've translated them properly after first. On your screenshot there is an later created attribute during update import process and if you scroll down you can see an original "Bež" attribute (screenshot attached).

The product you've sent is OK with color attribute as it uses the correct one, but there are many random that don't. And on that product you can see issue #5 – missing size attribute for English (number 38) and for German language (number 37), but Italian is OK.

I repeat, this issues are so random and import process is not reliable. We can't be sure that everything will be updated correctly during import. It's hard to test everything over and over because right now import process lasts 4 hours.

It feels like this support process is going to last forever. Maybe the best thing would be that you use the Duplicator files and migrate my site on our test server and maybe try import on that server because maybe it's faster than on ours.

May 15, 2019 at 2:08 pm #3817527

Oscar Miras


I beg your pardon, you're right about the attribute.

I have already downloaded your Duplicator package and I'm going tro try the import process in our servers.

Give me some time so I can get some results.

Thank you for your patience,

May 17, 2019 at 10:48 am #3833535

Oscar Miras


Thank you for your patience waiting for the answer. I have been carefully discussing this ticket with my team and trying to reproduce the issue.

There are some things regarding the template configuration and the XLS that may have caused the problems you are facing. The following changes should be done to XLS files in order to correctly work with WPML All Import.

  • The first import should be done with WPML All Import in the default language. It is even better is it is done in an empty product database.
  • The Excel file should have named columns. It should have as it is a more convenient way to work.
  • It is not convenient to mix different languages in the same Excel file. You may make it work by selecting different columns but there is not really a point in taking such risk.
  • The connector must be unique and it’s better if it is just a number.

    In addition, we have checked the import configuration and I would like to comment on some issues. Those are based in the template import configuration for the English language.

  • In WPML All Import section, parent import is not defined (screenshot #1). It may be as a result that in the template configuration this field is not copied. I checked it in your site and it seems to have been set correctly. But just wanted to point out the importance of defining the parent import.
  • In the English import, the attribute is retrieved from the column with the colour in Croatian rather than in English (screenshot #2).
    • I would recommend if you can, to repeat the process from scratch.

      1. Adapt the XLS files as suggested in the first part of the reply.
      2. Have an empty database products
      3. Import with WPML All Import defining the default language.
      4. Translate all categories, tags and attributes.
      5. Import with WPML All Import the product in a secondary language.

      You can try this with a smaller XLS file in order to check if that works, in particular with those products that you have noticed that there are problems. This will help to check whether the issue is solved by repeating the process from scratch.

      Here’s a video about the whole process that may be helpful: hidden link

      Please let me know if you have further questions, I’ll be happy to help.

      Kind regards,