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Problem: How to update from WPML 1.4.0 to the latest WPML versions Solution: Client deleted all tables with an 'icl_' prefix and any wp_options rows containing references to 'icl'.

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March 26, 2019 at 8:33 am #3460261


I migrated to a new web host and in the process WordPress was updated to 5.1.1. I was no longer able to edit pages with the WPML 1.4.0 (free version) plugin that had been migrated across. So I deactivated and deleted the plugin.

I then purchased and attempted to install WPML Multilingual CMS in WordPress 5.1.1. After activating the plugin, the following notice appeared and only the "Deactivate" link appears next to the plugin (no "Configure" link is available to setup the plugin):
"WPML notice: Upgrades to this version are only supported from versions 1.7.0 and above. To upgrade from version, first, download 2.0.4, do the DB upgrade and then go to this version."

So, I deactivated and deleted and attempted to install 2.0.4. Unfortunately, that resulted in a "Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error." (attached image shows debug information).

If there is an easy way to upgrade via 2.0.4, please can you let me know what the process should be.

Otherwise, I'm quite happy to start from scratch with so please let me know how I prevent the new plugin from thinking that it needs to upgrade from WPML (when I'd previously deactivated and deleted that old plugin).

Any advice would be much appreciated.

March 26, 2019 at 10:56 am #3461693

Bruno Kos

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Thank you for contacting WPML support!

Based on what I found in our archives, WPML 1.4.0 dates back to 2009:

In other words, it might be very time consuming to simply upgrade without issues, because there have been many new features, database upgrades, etc, since.

I'm quite happy to start from scratch with

I think that this would be the best path, given the scenario. You can do this through:
WPML -> Support -> Troubleshooting -> Reset

The 'Reset' action will deactivate the WPML plugin after it deletes the WPML tables (tables with the 'icl_' prefix) from the database. The action will NOT delete any content (posts, taxonomy terms etc.). It only affects translation and language information that WPML associates with each content type.

Please note that all translations you have sent to remote translation services will be lost if you reset WPML's data. They cannot be recovered later.

If any of the dashboard messages remain even after this, it is possible that they got stuck within wp_options and we will have to find these keys and remove them manually.

However, I suggest you start with clean versions and all make sure that other plugins, theme and WordPress are also updated to the latest versions.

Bruno Kos

April 11, 2019 at 8:15 am #3584809


Many thanks for your prompt response Bruno. As I was unable to activate the WPML plugin, there wasn't a WPML -> Support -> Troubleshooting -> Reset option available. Therefore, I deleted all tables with an 'icl_' prefix and any wp_options rows containing references to 'icl' as instructed.

I was then able to make a fresh install of and I now have everything setup and running nicely again.

Thanks for your help - much appreciated.

April 11, 2019 at 8:18 am #3584821


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!