The Media Translation module allows to display the same media files in different languages. You will be able to add translations for image captions, description and titles, without having to upload the same images to translated content.

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Gestione immagini nelle due lingue

Démarré par: telemacoG dans : English Support

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Übersetzung von Bildern inkl. Dateiname – Korrekte Verwendung?

Démarré par: thomasF-47 dans : Support in Deutsch

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Andreas W.

Images disappear with second currency active

Démarré par: lucaS-48 dans : English Support

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Image paths in translated pages get broken

Démarré par: soerenK-2 dans : English Support

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Medien Upload error

Démarré par: meylineH dans : Support in Deutsch

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Missing featured images in secondary languages after "wp media regenerate –yes" 1 2

Démarré par: atnetC-3 dans : English Support

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ACF fields are not displayed

Démarré par: ramonaB dans : English Support

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Medios en un sólo idioma

Démarré par: julioE-4 dans : Soporte en Español

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phantom (duplicate) images after uninstall wpml

Démarré par: Станислав Петряшов dans : English Support

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Images in english Posts not visible

Démarré par: klausO-2 dans : English Support

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Carlos Rojas

Could not calculate resized image dimensions fix is not implemented yet

Démarré par: SThemes dans : English Support

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Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to WPML_Media_Post_Images_Translation::translate_images_in_post_content()

Démarré par: Heather dans : English Support

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Detach images certain language

Démarré par: Hans-Peter dans : English Support

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Cannot Activate WPML Media 1 2

Démarré par: hsin-wenH dans : English Support

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String Translation causing a caching issue (or something alike)

Démarré par: nadineL-4 dans : English Support

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