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We’re ready with the first release candidate of WPML 1.6.0. This version allows translating other plugins, includes a much improved string translation interface and fixes many bugs.

New features in WPML 1.6.0

WPML can translate other plugins too

WPML can now translate everything in your site, include other plugins. You can do that without asking for any .po file, begging the developers to upload translations or anything else.

Just head over to WPML->Theme and plugins localization.

There, you’ll see a list of all your plugins. Click on the check-boxes next to them and WPML will scan them for texts. In so doing, it also imports all existing translations from any .mo files.

Now, you can continue editing yourself. Click on the Translate button, next to each plugin and you’ll land in WPML’s string translation page. You can translate any text to any language without having to go through those dreaded .mo files, poedit or any other barrier.

Know what you’re translating

Ever wonder what « %1 in %s » means when you’re translating?

WPML now shows you where texts come from, both in the PHP source and in the HTML.

Next to each string you’ll see two icons (when available). When WPML scans the PHP, it keeps track of where the texts for translation come from and will show it to you when you’re translating. Now, you can see exactly where in the source strings appear and (if it manages to find it), WPML can also show where in the HTML.

Bugs fixed

Yeah, bugs are a part of life, but we shouldn’t get used to them. Instead, it’s better to report them in the forum.

And since we’ve got great users who report problems and take their time to explain them to us, we can also fix bugs as they’re discovered. These bugs were fixed in WPML 1.6.0:

  • Language fallback for blog posts had a bunch of bugs (broken search, incorrect category pages and tag). They’re all fixed now.
  • Added placeholder for _cleanup_header_comment (for compatibility with WP 2.7 and below).
  • Fixed some bugs with the tags and the tag cloud.
  • Fixed bug with missing comments.
  • Added correct Estonian flag.

So, keep those reports coming and we’ll do our best to fix problems as fast as we can.

If you missed it before, this is the download link: WPML 1.6.0 RC1

BTW – we think that this version is good enough to power production sites. It’s live now on our own and