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We want our upcoming features to sit on solid ground. We’ve fixed, tweaked and refined so we now give you WooCommerce Multilingual 3.3.1

Some strings were showing in the wrong language on the cart and checkout page.

This turned out to be related to some recent things (back then) in WooCommerce 2.1 that we had not cover entirely. They’re covered now.

Product category urls

In some cases the product category urls didn’t work on sites with the default language different than English.

Products gallery images synchronization

Sometimes, when synchronizing products « gallery images » and categories, the result was not updated correctly on the Troubleshooting page

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

In one of the previous versions we added support for being fully compatible with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing. In some setups, things were still not fully working. Things work well now.

Translating WooCommerce 2.1+ endpoints

We added support for this. The endpoints will be registered and translated as strings using WPML String Translation.

‘Continue Shopping’ button pointing to the wrong url

When using the different domains per language configuration for the urls the ‘continue shopping’ button from WooCommerce was pointing you back to the default language when using it from a translated page.

Problem with short links

The short link of the shop page was causing a redirect error when the slug of the shop page contained special characters that needed special encoding as they were used in the url.

Table Rate Shipping

Like with Dynamic Prices, it turned out that there was a quirk left for the compatibility with Table Rate Shipping too. Table Rate Shipping methods were not appearing after an ajax update on the secondary language checkout page.


Fortunately, we didn’t have to cover critical issues and this allowed us to focus on the smaller issues as well and get them under control.

We get good feedback on our support forum and do our best to listen to each and everyone, coming to us with: problem reports, suggestions or simply help setting up and getting started.
All this feedback helps us refining our product so thanks everyone for it.