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Stability and compatibility update – several bugs fixed and improved compatibility with other WooCommerce Extensions

Additional support for updating the WooCommerce translations

When WooCommerce is updated, WCML will look for updated translations (mo files) for all the languages in addition to the default language and will download them so they are available for being used when displaying pages in secondary languages.

Currency switcher for the WooCommerce status widget on the WordPress admin dashboard.

The reports displayed in the WooCommerce status widget needed to be filtered by order currencies similar to how it’s being done on the WooCommerce reports page. A currency switcher has been added in order to be able to see reports broken down by currency.

Compatibility fixes

We added fixes for the compatibility with WooCommerce Product Bundles, WooCommerce Product Tabs and others.

Bugs fixed

  • Incorrect currency symbol position on ‘edit order’ page
  • Incorrect currency displayed for order when editing an order in the backend.
  • Coupon option ‘Exclude sale items’ was not being applied correctly. Sale items were not excluded.
  • Currency switcher widget was not showing under the available widgets list in the backend.
  • The breadcrumbs structure was dropping the shop page when WooCommerce Multilingual was activated
  • Manually adding a product to an order was not taking the custom price (secondary currency) if one was set.
  • Validation for the sale amount when using custom prices with multi-currency was missing.
  • Error were showing up when trying to add a category when “All languages” was selected in the admin language switcher.

Download or upgrade

You can get WooCommerce Multilingual 3.4 from the WordPress plugins directory and you are welcome to add and we’d love to hear your feedback here on any problems you may have on our support forum.