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This maintenance release fixes a number of incompatibilities between WPML and the greatest and bestest PHP – version 7.4. Now, if your web host offers, you can update your site to run on PHP 7.4 without bumping into compatibility issues with WPML.

PHP 7.4 offers preloading, which can significantly speed up sites. This allows WordPress and caching plugins to save a lot of time when loading pages (admin and front-end).

Besides the PHP 7.4 improvements, this version of WPML adds full support for translating Toolset websites created with the Block Editor.

We’ve also fixed a number of cosmetic glitches and removed an annoying message about REST API not working (the message was showing when it wasn’t the case).

How to update

As always, the easiest way to update your site is to receive the updates via the WordPress admin. You can always download the most recent version of WPML from your account.

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