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Topic Tags: Multilingual SEO

Overview of the issue

When using Divi and Yoast SEO with WPML, sitemaps won’t appear as expected if you set the language URL format as A different domain per language.

Instead, it will only show the sitemap for the last language you used before turning on the Yoast XML sitemap option.

For example, if you select a secondary language and turn that option off and then on again, the sitemap will show up in that specific language only. It will show the same links in the sitemap for all domains while it should show a different/correct links for each domain.


There is no workaround available for this issue as it requires a change in Divi’s code. We have contacted the Divi team about this issue, but can confirm that it has not yet been resolved in their latest update.

Next steps to resolve this issue

Multiple clients have already reported this issue to Divi, but it can help move things along if you contact Elegant Themes via their contact form and requested a timeline for the fix.

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