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If you are frequently moving the database between production, development, and staging, you can set the site key in the wp-config.php file. This method allows you to avoid re-entering the site key when moving the database between different environments. By generating a unique site key for each domain and adding them to their respective wp-config.php files, you eliminate the need to register WPML manually.

How do I set a different site key for each environment?

To set a different site key per environment:

  1. Generate a different site key for each of the different domains of the site. Go to your Account page to generate the site keys.
  2. Add the different site keys to each of the environments in their respective wp-config.php files, using the following statement:

define( 'OTGS_INSTALLER_SITE_KEY_WPML', 'your-site-key' );

The value that you set using the OTGS_INSTALLER_SITE_KEY_WPML takes precedence over the value in the database. So, when you move the database between domains, you will not need to update the registration.