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If you’re encountering issues registering WPML on your site, it might be due to using an older version of WPML or changing your site’s URL. At other times, you may see specific error messages. Each of these issues has its solution, ranging from manual installation to re-registering your site or ensuring the correct URL is used.

You’re likely using an older version of WPML that didn’t have the registration link yet. No worries, download and install WPML manually from your account. Updates will arrive automatically once you have updated and registered WPML.

What do I need to do when the site’s URL changes?

When sites move (happens when you move from development to production) they get a new home URL. You need to register the site again to keep receiving updates for WPML. To do this, unregister WPML and then register it again using your site’s new URL.

What should I do if I see an error message when trying to register?

The action you need to take depends on the error message you see. Below, you can find the different error messages and solutions to them.

“Installer could not fetch subscription data for wpml. Error message: Invalid site key for the current site.”

This error message displays when the site URL you registered in your account does not match the site you have WPML installed on.

Log into your account and go to your list of registered sites. Check that your URL is spelled correctly and that the syntax is correct (for example, do not add a www at the beginning of the URL if your site does not use it). We recommend automatically generating a site key from your WordPress dashboard to avoid issues.

This can also occur if you moved your site from development to production if they use different URLs. Please see the previous troubleshooting tip on what to do when your site’s URL changes.

“WPML plugin cannot connect to”

If you see the error message that WPML is unable to connect to, it means there is a temporary issue from the server or with your internet connection. Please be sure your site meets WPML’s minimum requirements, then follow these troubleshooting tips.

Can others reuse my site keys to register WPML on other websites?

No, each site key is unique to the website you registered.