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The most common cause of missing translations is not following a consistent translation workflow. Switching between different translation options on the same page can lead to overwriting or losing translations.

What are the different translation options in WPML, and how might I switch between them?

WPML offers several translation options to suit different needs, including:

You might unintentionally switch methods if you originally translated content one way and later updated it another way. For example, translating a post in the Advanced Translation Editor and then making updates in the WordPress Editor.

What should I do if I’ve mixed translation methods for posts or pages and lost my translations?

To fix lost translations due to mixed translation methods:

  1. Permanently delete the pages or posts in the secondary language.
  2. Re-translate them using your preferred translation method.

It’s important that you continue using that same method anytime you need to update your translations.

What if my translations for strings aren’t showing?

If your translations for strings aren’t showing, please see how to make translated strings show up on the front-end of a site.

What should I do if I still can’t see my translations?

If your translations aren’t showing for reasons other than the ones described above, please open a ticket in our Support forum. Our Supporters will help you find a solution for your specific problem.