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juin 11, 2019 à 3:11 #3996563


Tell us what you are trying to do?
I want to remove the wp before, so that a normally website
But is so, i guess there should be broken links for the differents languages not ?
Any support how to proceed so ?

Is there any documentation that you are following?

Is there a similar example that we can see?

What is the link to your site?

juin 11, 2019 à 4:30 #3997281


Languages: Anglais (English ) Français (Français )

Timezone: Africa/Casablanca (GMT+01:00)


Thank you for contacting WPML Support. I will be glad to help with this.

I think that there will be broken links unless you rebuild exactly the same pages for into Which is not the case for the moment as both sites are using different language URL format:
- is using languages in folders like /en/ and /de/
- is using languages in a URL parameter like ?lang=en and ?lang=de

Except that, which is specific to WPML, the whole process will be seen as moving a WordPress website to a new domain. I can suggest the following articles.
- hidden link
- hidden link
- hidden link

Other articles on avoiding brokens links:
- hidden link
- hidden link
- hidden link

I hope this answers your question. If I did not understand it very well, please add more details on your use case. Good luck with your migration.

PS: Feel free to use French as you have created this ticket in the French forum.

Best regards,
WPML Support