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août 16, 2019 à 5:34 #4407727


Hello, I have a WordPress website in 2 languages (1 domain per language). Its working fine but I cant make the SSL work for my second domain (1 SSL per language).

I have a Godaddy Cpanel shared-hosting.

The only solution they had for me is to create clone my wordpres... which defeat the purpose of WPML..

Can someone help/guide me?

Thank you.

août 19, 2019 à 7:29 #4413975

Raja Mohammed

Languages: Anglais (English )

Timezone: Asia/Kolkata (GMT+05:30)

Hi there,

I can help you with your issue.

You need multi-domain SSL certificate for multiple domains while using different domains per language and setup it accordingly.

Multi-domain (UCC/SAN) certificates secure multiple domains that share the same IP address and match the certificate's domains list.

Here is some additional documentation: hidden link

It is also possible to use two different SSL certificates, one for each domain, However, I am not sure whether your hosting provider can support this, If not please consider switching to Multi-domain certificate.

Once you set up the SSL in the domains you just need to make sure that the 'site URL' and 'home URL' are set correctly (with https) in the settings of the site.

I hope this helps you better.

Kind regards

août 22, 2019 à 6:58 #4442321


My issue is resolved now. Thank you! Quick and useful!