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juin 14, 2019 à 8:05 #4019097



For a few days now, credit card payments have been impossible on my site in some languages.
My site is in and uses the extensions /fr /es /de for the other languages.
When I place an order on the fr website, I can pay by credit card
On the other hand, for the other languages, it is impossible to access the credit card payment page because I am systematically redirected to a page en.

In the configuration of Woocommerce Multilingual, I get an error message telling me that some files have been overwritten.
Could this be the cause of the problem?
How to do this?

Thank you for your help.

juin 14, 2019 à 9:43 #4019983


Languages: Anglais (English ) Français (Français )

Timezone: Africa/Casablanca (GMT+01:00)


Thank you for contacting WPML Support. I will be glad to help with this.

It seems that you are talking about two issues. The first one related to payment, and the second related to "files have been overwritten" message.

According to our support rules we are able to handle only one issue at the time. This helps us to bring you a better service and also help other users to find all the information here exposed.

I tried to investigate the first issue and it seems that I'll need an account on your site to make it into the payment page, would you like to create an account for me to test this?
Would it be possible to take a screenshot or a screencast of the issue?

Regarding the second issue, please create another ticket and add a screenshot of the message, I'll take it and get back to you as soon as possible.

PS: Feel free to use French as you have posted this ticket into the French support forum.

Best regards,
WPML Support

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