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mars 23, 2018 à 8:27 #1554684


Tell us what you are trying to do?
I try to use a domain for each language.
this is my host plan: ruby expert.
hidden link

Is there any documentation that you are following?
I have follow your tutorial and try to found on plesk and wpml forum a solution
but at the step: Setting up your HTTP server
i dont find where i can do that.
Please help

What is the link to your site? and

mars 26, 2018 à 8:52 #1556298

José Arcos

Hello, thank you for contact us. I will try to do my best to help you.

You have written your message in the French forum but in English, we can keep writing in English or French, as you wish.

Regarding the issue, I see that the different domain per language is working actually. Did you solve the issue? If what you have is an alert in the backend, but the domains are working, you can skip that message, it uses to be a false alert by any server configuration.

Please let me know if this solves the issue or if you need further details.

Have a good day.

mars 26, 2018 à 12:21 #1556537


Thanks i find the solution.
Perhaps can i make a tutorials in french for other user who have the same issue on Safebrands host ?

juillet 28, 2019 à 4:21 #4295673


Hi Franck,

can you share with me your solution please?