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Last updated by Emmanuel Il y a 7 ans et 2 mois.

Assigned support staff: Andreas Neuber.

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décembre 23, 2013 à 9:31 #312257



I use Woocommerce with WPML in 2 languages: English in French.
The view cart button of the French page sends back to the cart page in French and not in english.

Do you know why? What can I do ?

Thanks for your help.

décembre 23, 2013 à 9:36 #312262


Notice that it's the same thing for the check out page.


décembre 23, 2013 à 9:56 #312285

Andreas Neuber

Languages: Anglais (English ) Allemand (Deutsch )

Hello Emmanuel,

Reading your opening thread: did you mean "the view cart button of the French page sends back to the cart page in English and not in French" ?
Because French button sending you to a French is actually the expected behavior.

In any case, it good to check a couple of points..

1) Please make sure to use these plugin versions:
> WPML 3.0.1
> String Translation 2.0.1
> Translation Management 1.9.1
> WPML Media 2.1.1
> Woocommerce 2.0.20
> Woocommerce-Multilingual 3.1

2) On "WPML > Woocommerce Multilingual" are there any red warning icons?
(if so please feel free to take a screenshot and attach it here)

3) Could you provide us with a link to your website?

4) Also, could you check setting "WPML > String Translation > Original language of strings" ?
Is it set on English?

Thanks a lot!

décembre 28, 2013 à 10:23 #313928


Thanks so much. It was because my Original language of strings wasn't in english.

Have a good day.