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Bobby AttilaN
He is very kind. 青木 基純
please contact with me on whatsapp; +905423103484 PromaxE
Dennis helped me resolve this issue in previous theme, so he knows this problem better. DavidG-36
He's very fast, efficient and explains things well. Martin Davis
he supports me enthusiastically Anh-thiN
He knows how to solve problems quickly. MiguelD-13
Denis is really good, but I would like to have Bobby because he just solved an issue, but now came another problem with the same characteristics. Since Bobby spent some time researching, I guess it will be much easier direct this to Bobby. SergioB-24
He was very helpful and patient with my low skill level. I volunteer my time to do this work as a charity and Dennis is patient with my questions. AdrianL-15
Very Understanding and Patient AmrikA

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