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Deutschsprachig TobiasL-11
Nothing at all. Your system just mentions that Lauren is handling 9 support questions while others have 1.56 average questions active :) StratosA
Nothing to do with Lauren. I desperately need chat assistance - not a ticket AmyL-11
Nothing to do with Lauren but I NEVER get chat anymore as an option and my tickets take absolutely FOREVER to get a response. I have a very pressing date on this install for Warner Brothers and a short chat would resolve my issues. AmyL-11
nothing. She's just busy LOL VincentH-16
She didnt solve the problem last time ShlomiH-3
Lauren was helping for the time but ticket was closed without solving the underlying issue AdelheidS
I am having problems inserting code correct regarding wrapping the labels in a gettext call JeppeK-3
I am not fully happy with how Lauren trated my issue over the chat. It also looks like the code she gave me had a mistake as it resulted with an error on my page. I'd rather deal with a different support agent. Thank you. ZuzannaR
Please reopen: https://wpml.org/forums/topic/define-parent-import-invalid-selection/ KristinaF-2

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This is a test ticket, please disregard.

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