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Geotargeting broadly refers to the ability to market specific content based on a user's location. Redirecting users to content in their language is a big UX advantage and by detecting location based on IP, site owners can automatically display content in the language most suitable to the user. WPML already lets you redirect visitors based on browser language. However, if you want to redirect visitors based on IP you can learn more about our recommended plugins for this category in the table below and compare their features (note: some may only be available in pro or premium versions).

GeotargetingWP PROIP2Location RedirectionWPML Redirect Based on IP Country
GeotargetingWP PROIP2Location RedirectionWPML Redirect Based on IP Country

GeotargetingWP PRO is a highly customizable, premium geotargeting plugin that is well integrated with a variety of third-party plugins and page builders. Its comprehensive list of features makes it one of the most well-rounded geotargeting redirection plugins.

IP2Location Redirection is an easy-to-use plugin that does as its name suggests: Redirection on a website or a URL based on IP address. This plugin is a great option for users looking for a simple, free solution to implement IP-based redirects on their WordPress sites.

Since WPML only supports redirection based on browser language, this plugin specifically gives WPML users the option to redirect visitors to URLs based on IP. It is lightweight, simple, and most suited to users needing basic IP redirection functionality.

Pricing model
Plugin price$8-169Free$29
Date testedjuillet 7, 2021août 4, 2021juillet 7, 2021
Has request quota
Able to show notice before redirect
Able to redirect automatically
Works with caching plugins (AJAX Mode)
Create mappings
Create custom regions
Create custom redirection rules
Supports non-geo rules
Compatible with e-commerce post types
More about GeotargetingWP PROMore about IP2Location RedirectionMore about WPML Redirect Based on IP Country

Nous ne recommandons que les plug-ins qui font preuve d'un réel engagement envers la compatibilité avec WPML. Les auteurs des plug-ins présentés dans le tableau ci-dessus travaillent régulièrement en étroite collaboration avec l'équipe WPML pour s'assurer que le site que vous créez est fiable et multilingue.

Autres plug-ins compatibles avec Geotargeting WPML

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