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  • Fixed a compatibility issue with « AJAX load more » plugin
  • Improved UI for Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and Custom fields in Translation Options and Multilingual Content Setup pages
  • Fixed wrong locale for Thai language
  • Included menu classes to the autoloader in order to resolve compatibility issues with iThemes Sync
  • Added feedback and logging of failed attempts when downloading the remote configuration files for themes and plugins
  • Implemented new feature allowing users to set a Post Type or a Taxonomy to display translations or fallback to original language if translations do not exist
  • Language menu items are now added to wp_get_nav_menu_items instead of wp_nav_menu_objects


  • Fixed an error when trying to get the post type of a non-existent post
  • Fixed an issue with Previous and Next links not working properly in secondary languages when MemCached is configured
  • Removed an unnecessary file left behind from a Git conflict
  • Improved WPML Reset functionality
  • Fixed an error when language switcher is added in a menu containing no items
  • Fixed a link field in « Flip Box » module of Elementor Pro in order to make it translatable
  • Fixed an issue with post tags when the same name is used in different languages
  • Fixed wrong redirection in post types containing posts that share same name
  • Handle the hreflang (former Tag) as two letters code by default
  • Fixed an issue and stopped autoloading the heavy « wpml_config_index » and « wpml_config_index » wp_options
  • Fixed the « wpml_make_post_duplicates » action not duplicating custom fields of draft posts
  • Updated the browser redirection hook which enqueues scripts to wp_enqueue_scripts
  • Resolved an exception with « wpml_permalink » feature not returning the translated slug
  • Removed the deprecated function is_ajax()
  • Fixed an error in the customizer when no menu exists.
  • Fixed the language for the notice to promote the translation feedback
  • Fixed an issue with .mo files for default language not being automatically downloaded
  • Fixed a wrong redirect to page when post with the same name in /%category%/%postname% permalinks
  • Resolved an exception with Custom Languages added in WPML returning the language code instead of the language tag
  • Resolved an exception with posts in secondary languages wrongly redirecting to the original ones when they have the same slug but they are not linked as translations
  • Resolved an exception with Page id when Home and Blog page have the same slug which was breaking compatibility with « infinite scrolling » of Jetpack
  • Fixed an issue with post draft not listed when auto-saved only with heartbeat

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When you update WPML, be sure to update together all the components that you are using. Don’t use a mixture of new and older versions.

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