In some cases, having a chat with our supporters is more efficient than just posting comments back and forth on the tickets. For this, we’re experimenting with support video call.

All support calls will be held using Google Hangouts, which is free and open to anyone with a Gmail account.

What you will need:

  • A stable Internet connection, which is fast enough for a video call
  • A camera and headphones
  • A computer (using Hangouts on other devices is possible but not for technical support)

If you are not familiar with Google Hangouts please watch this short video, that explains:

  • How to enter the hangout call
  • How to test your headphones and video
  • How to share screen while in a call

How does it work:

      You have to open a support ticket as you’d do normally
      Send a request to a video call in this form (we limited to the most needed information
      Our Support team leader will review the thread and see that we already have enough info to get started. If not, we will request additional information before we jump into a call.
      We will send you a meeting invitation, with a link to the support call.