Here, you can find the official WPML resources for your site.

WPML is created by OnTheGoSystems. OnTheGoSystems is the same company that built Toolset and ICanLocalize. OnTheGoSystems Limited is the legal owner of the registered trademark onTheGoSystems name and logo. Any usage of onTheGoSystems' name or logo and plugin's names or logos must comply with the following OnTheGoSystems trademark policies.

Brand guidelines

Let's be fair partners. You can learn more about branding guidelines for communities from guidebook.

Branding guidebook
  • Use WPML graphics to promote our brand and products
  • Use our graphics on blog posts and other digital media
  • Modify or alter provided graphics
  • Incorporate our graphics into your own branding, or use it in a way that it misleads visitors about the ownership of the service

WPML logos

Presented files are in PNG format. You can download full set of files below.

Media files 6.3 MB
WPML logo 600x225px
WPML logo 600x225px
WPML logo with a tagline 600x283px
WPML logo with a tagline 600x283px

WPML community branding

Community logos are intended for people willing to create videos, tutorials or FB groups related to WPML

Media files 6.3 MB

Branding guidebook

wpml commmunity logo transparency 600x154px
wpml commmunity logo 600x171px
Exemplary usage


The official WPML colors in RGB and hex codes

  • #C9471F, rgb (201,71,31)
  • #33879E, rgb (51,135,158)
  • #524F54, rgb (82,79,84)

Affiliate program

If you're a blogger and you're interested in promoting WPML, we'll help you learn it, produce your own marketing material and then you're welcome to use our affiliate system. If you're interested, here is some info to get you started easily.

Commission rates

You earn affiliate commission from every order of WPML.

Purchase Commission (USD)
Multilingual Agency purchase 32
Multilingual CMS purchase 16
Multilingual Blog purchase 8

How to generate affiliate links

Log-in to your WPML account and click on the Affiliates button. You will see a link, which you can copy and use. The link includes your affiliate ID and key. You can link to any page on Be sure to include the affiliate ID and key and that link will work as an affiliate link. We remember visits for up to 30 days. When a visitor arrives at our site, we set a cookie for the origin. When that visitor later buys, we know that you sent him and we credit you.

We recommend that you take screenshots of WPML yourself. This will show your unique work. When you take screenshots, keep the browser size to minimal, so that others can view your screenshots on their screens. We also recommend using captions to explain what images mean.

Let us know when you write about us

We'll be happy to add you to WPML on the Web. If you write an interesting piece on WPML, contact us and we'll be glad to add you.

Contact us

Everyone loves to boast about his stuff and we're no different. If you want to cover WPML and need any more information, by all means contact us.

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