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completely wrong content shown

נפתח על ידי peterH-82 בSupport in Deutsch

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Cannot find header-main-rt-section-button-text

נפתח על ידי danF-6 בEnglish Support

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WPML 4.3.3 make my toolset fields from secondary language empty when I save my W 1 2

נפתח על ידי Jean-Francois בEnglish Support

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Carlos Rojas

When using French punctuation how do I insert a non-breaking point?

נפתח על ידי martynaW בEnglish Support

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Overwrite with default language doesn't work on all network sites

נפתח על ידי carstenW-5 בEnglish Support

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Switching booking form shortcodes on language switch.

נפתח על ידי sotiriosC בEnglish Support

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301 redirects – Too many redirects with language part of url (/en,/fr) 1 2

נפתח על ידי alexandruN-4 בEnglish Support

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String from Mailerlite will not update and will not translate

נפתח על ידי christopheG-9 בEnglish Support

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Photographs not reported from Italian to English

נפתח על ידי antoninol-3 בEnglish Support

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Bruno Kos

I can't go through page 2

נפתח על ידי chi-tsanC בEnglish Support

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[BUG]: wp_list_pages() not functioning for "virtual" duplication

נפתח על ידי Pieter בEnglish Support

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Shekhar Bhandari

WPML Saving Very Large Values in Redis

נפתח על ידי alisonB-2 בEnglish Support

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Shekhar Bhandari

Problems setting up WPML on this website

נפתח על ידי Fernando Nobrega בEnglish Support

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Duplicate page doesn't work! 1 2

נפתח על ידי andrewA-19 בEnglish Support

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Marcos Vinicios Barreto

Error 503, when i try enter to custom post on FR lang.

נפתח על ידי gemmaM-4 בEnglish Support

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