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WPML prices will increase with the release of WPML 4.5 later this summer. Existing clients with valid subscriptions will enjoy all the new features and keep their original pricing.

WPML 4.5 marks a huge change to how you build and run multilingual WordPress sites. It will offer a new mode to automatically translate all of your site’s content. In this mode, simply write content in your own language, and translations will be instantly generated when you publish or update content. When you’re ready, you can review the translations on your site’s front-end and publish them.

Together with this release, we are also updating WPML’s pricing for the first time in 12 years.

The new pricing will be:

Multilingual BlogMultilingual CMSMultilingual Agency
First year$39$99$199

Everyone who has valid WPML accounts or buys WPML before version 4.5 is out can keep the old pricing. This means that as long as you continue to renew on time, you can keep renewing at your current rate indefinitely.

For example, if you purchase a Multilingual CMS account today, you can continue to renew each year for $59 (instead of the upcoming increased renewal pricing of $74).

How to keep your current pricing

Whether you’re a current client, have an expired account, or you’re still just thinking about purchasing WPML, you can still save by acting before WPML 4.5 is released later this summer. If your account expires after this, you will need to buy a new account at the new price.

Current clients

As a current client with an active account, you can renew your account every year for 25% off the price you originally paid. As long as your account doesn’t expire, you can keep renewing for this price, even after the prices increase.

Signing up for automatic renewals ensures you won’t accidentally miss your renewal and lose your discount. If your credit card expires, we’ll notify you and allow time for you to update your payment method.

Setting up automatic renewals

To see if you have automatic renewals set up, log into your WPML account. If you don't see a message like the one above prompting you to set up automatic renewals, you're already set up! If you do see the above message, click it and follow the instructions to set up automatic renewals and ensure you keep your discount.

Clients with expired accounts

Maintain the sites you previously built by reactivating your expired account.

Before the WPML 4.5 release, you can restart your old account and continue to receive discounted renewals at 25% off the price you originally paid.

If you wait until after prices increase, you will lose your discount and need to purchase WPML at full price.

Renewing an expired account

Prospective clients

There has never been a better time to buy WPML than before prices increase later this summer.

By purchasing before the WPML 4.5 release, you get all the current and upcoming features for the same price as 12 years ago. Plus, renewals are discounted 25% off the price you paid originally, even after the price increases.

WPML offers a feature-packed product, excellent support, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Buy it today at its lowest price!

What’s coming in WPML 4.5

The WPML 4.5 Beta is already available for testing! See our announcement post for more details about what’s included, and how to install it. Here’s a look at some of the main features:

Instant automatic translation of your whole site with the new “Translate Everything” feature

Translate all of your site’s content automatically as you publish it or update it, and hold translations for human review.

New "Translate Everything" mode

A new way to purchase automatic translation credits

With WPML 4.5, you will have two options for buying more credits for automatic translation.

  • The pay-as-you-go plans continue unchanged (you pay every month for what you actually used that month).
  • Additionally, we’re also going to offer one-time packages of automatic translation credits. You’ll be able to buy them on WPML.org and assign them to your registered sites. These credits never expire.

Included with the increased pricing, new Multilingual CMS and Agency accounts purchased after the WPML 4.5 release will also receive enough automatic translation credits to translate most sites at no extra cost.

Multilingual CMSMultilingual Agency
Included with new account90,000 credits180,000 credits
Included top-up amount with each renewal60,000 credits120,000 credits
Credits included with accounts purchased after the WPML 4.5 release

Additional site keys for development sites

Register WPML on your development sites without using up your site keys. You can register WPML on the following number of sites:

Multilingual BlogMultilingual CMSMultilingual Agency
Production Site Keys13Unlimited
Development Site Keys39Unlimited
Extra site keys added for new and existing clients

New status bar for site translation

See the status of your translation jobs at a glance with a new toolbar item in your site’s admin.

New translation status toolbar item

Translation Management included in WPML core plugin

For CMS and Agency clients, we’ll be merging the Translation Management plugin in with the WPML core plugin. This means one fewer plugin to keep updated and a more streamlined setup process.

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