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Overview of the issue

When using WPML 4.5.0, you will find some scenarios where WPML converts double quotes (") into (%22).

For example, if you add some CSS styles with Divi theme, styles are not applied on the translation.

This also happens if you add a link into a text. For example, becomes %22


Our developers are aware of this situation and we are working on it. In the meantime:

  1. Please be sure to make a full backup of your site before proceeding.
  2. Find the file /plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/compatibility/divi/DoubleQuotes.php
  3. And replace it with this file.

8 תגובות אל “Divi theme - Double quotes encoding issues with WPML 4.5”

  1. Isabel: is your problem fixed with the footer? Because I have the same problem.

    Andrès: is this problem going to be solved in a recent update? I hope so, because I am allready spending lots of hours on this issue.

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