In order to run multilingual sites with WooCommerce, you need to have our WooCommerce Multilingual plugin installed. The WooCommerce Multilingual page includes detailed documentation for setting up your multilingual e-commerce site. When you report issues or ask for help, make sure to tell us the versions of everything you are running. This should include:

  • WPML
  • WPML modules that you are using
  • WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce Multilingual

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i cant translate products anymore

נפתח על ידי eitan בEnglish Support

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Andreas W.

When importing products with WP All Import the home and shop page filters are not updated 1 2

נפתח על ידי Abdullah Alahdal בEnglish Support

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Abdullah Alahdal

Attribute translation

נפתח על ידי christoforosA בEnglish Support

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Can't edit orders in secondary language

נפתח על ידי gidoM בEnglish Support

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WooCommerce Follow Up e link interni

נפתח על ידי Giulio בSupporto in Italiano

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No images in translated product 1 2

נפתח על ידי rafalP-12 בEnglish Support

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Kadence woo commerce email designer

נפתח על ידי adelaidel בEnglish Support

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Error when importing XLIFF file

נפתח על ידי paulS-79 בEnglish Support

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I have problems translating "product base"

נפתח על ידי albaB בEnglish Support

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Payments are no longer accepted in secondary currencies on my site

נפתח על ידי rufusB בEnglish Support

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Klarna Checkout plugin language redirect issue

נפתח על ידי marcusB-21 בEnglish Support

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Impossible de traduire "Update Cart", "Apply Coupon", "view cart"….

נפתח על ידי leC בAssistance en français

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breadcrumbs to store categories not working

נפתח על ידי 3dL בEnglish Support
Quick solution available

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Is it possible to make woocommerce not translateable? 1 2

נפתח על ידי 8keysG בEnglish Support

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YITH WooCommerce Composite Products no pasa el precio a la traduccion

נפתח על ידי emilioT-3 בSoporte en Español

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Carlos Rojas