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WPResidence includes specialized widgets that help you list available properties, list agents, display a featured property, show listings on a map, and more. It is compatible with multi-unit listings, can support multiple agents, and display useful statistics in the owner dashboard or property page.

RealHomes specializes in real estate and property management sites. It offers CRM functionality and allows you to display similar properties, conduct side-by-side comparisons of selected properties, and display maps using OpenStreetMaps or Google Maps.

Pricing model
Theme price$59$59
Date testedמאי 25, 2021יולי 2, 2021
Various pre-made demos
Advanced search options
Support for Google Maps and OpenStreetsMaps
CRM integration
Real estate modules, including "Floor plans" and "Similar Properties"
Various property listing layouts
Registration and contact forms
Front-end property submission
More about WPResidenceMore about RealHomes

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