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RealHomes היא ערכת נושא מומלצת הודות למחויבותה לתאימות מתמשכת ושותפות עם WPML. RealHomes i תואמת WPML לחלוטין.


– פותח על-ידי Inspiry Themes

נבדקה לאחרונה בתאריך: יולי 2, 2021

RealHomes specializes in real estate and property management sites. It offers CRM functionality, allowing you to note relationships between customers, agents, and properties and record communication history.

You can also display similar properties and allow clients to choose properties to do side-by-side comparisons. RealHomes integrates with OpenStreetMaps and Google Maps to allow you to display properties on a map.

RealHomes is compatible with can add a currency switcher and connect with an exchange rate service to display prices in a client's native currency.

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