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Interested in writing about WPML but not sure where to start? Here’s an overview of WPML’s top features that make it the go-to choice for so many people.

Please note that the WPML Multilingual Blog account is great if you want to manually translate a small site yourself without any extra bells and whistles. However, WPML really shines with the WPML Multilingual CMS and Multilingual Agency accounts, which include all the fantastic features below.

WPML Materials on This Page:

Easy Installation & Setup

WPML uses a lightweight installer plugin to register and install all the necessary WPML components to your site. Then, the setup wizard walks you through all the steps to get your multilingual site up and running quickly:

  • Choose your site’s languages
  • Decide how to format your site’s URL
  • Choose how to translate your site and who should translate it
  • Install glue plugins for improved compatibility

Installation & Setup Screenshots

Choosing the language of your site
Choosing the URL format
Registering WPML
Choosing the translation mode
Translation review settings
Translate Everything Automatically – ready to translate?
Setting up translators
Installing compatibility components
Finishing the setup wizard
OTGS Installer

Download the ZIP file for screenshots in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Simplified Chinese.

Translation Management

Easily choose which of your site’s content you want to translate and decide who will translate it with WPML’s Translation Management:

To translate your site’s content:

  1. Choose the pages, posts, or custom post types you want to translate
  2. Add your content to the Translation Basket
  3. Choose your translator

Translation Management Screenshots

Translation Management dashboard
Translating content yourself
WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor
Post translation settings
Adding translators to your site
Sending translations to the translation basket
Viewing available translation jobs in the queue

Download the ZIP file for screenshots in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Simplified Chinese.

String Translation

Translate all the extra text that isn’t part of a page or post – like your site’s tagline, copyright information, and other content coming from themes and plugins. Simply search for what you want to translate and add your translations.

String Translation Screenshots

Searching for a string
Translating a string yourself
Sending a string for translation
String in the Translation Basket
Scanning themes and plugins for strings

Download the ZIP file for screenshots in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Simplified Chinese.

Automatic Translation

Tight budget or timeline? No problem. WPML integrates with Google Translate, Microsoft Azure, and DeepL to translate your content quickly and affordably. Use automatic translation as a starting point for translators or as your main translation method. It’s 95% faster than translating content yourself from scratch.

WPML’s new Translate Everything mode can even translate your entire site automatically – just sit back and relax while WPML does all the work.

New WPML accounts come with enough automatic translation credits to translate most sites for no extra cost. Anything over that is never more than a fraction of a US cent per word, making it the most affordable way to translate your site.

Automatic Translation Screenshots

Translating content automatically when using the Advanced Translation Editor
Pay-as-you-go for automatic translation
Pay-as-you-go for automatic translation
Buying more automatic translation credits
Automatic translation status
Choosing to automatically translate your whole site

Download the ZIP file for screenshots in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Simplified Chinese.

WooCommerce Multilingual

Easily expand your online store internationally with WooCommerce Multilingual.

Used on its own, WooCommerce Multilingual is a completely free plugin that allows you to:

  • Add multiple currencies to your site
  • Decide which currencies to display based on your customers’ locations
  • Set up automatic exchange rates
  • And more!

When paired with WPML, WooCommerce Multilingual allows you to completely translate your online store including:

  • Products
  • Attributes
  • Variations
  • Checkout and cart pages
  • Order confirmation emails
  • Plus unlock even more multicurrency features

Check out our documentation for more about WooCommerce Multilingual.

WooCommerce Multilingual Screenshots

WooCommerce Multilingual with WPML

WooCommerce Multilingual
Translating products yourself using the Advanced Translation Editor
Sending products for translation using Translation Management
Translated product page with currency switcher
Translated Shop page
Translated cart
Translated checkout page
Translating attributes
Translating attributes 2
Adding a new currency
Displaying currencies by site language
Displaying currencies by customer location
Choosing payment gateways per currency
Choosing countries per currency
Currency switcher settings
Currency switcher on the front-end

WooCommerce Multilingual without WPML (Multicurrency Features Only)

Adding another currency
Adding a currency switcher to your site’s front-end
Currency switcher options
Setting automatic exchange rates
Setting custom prices for each currency
Setting custom shipping rates in each currency
Multicurrency settings
Use with WPML for more features

Download the ZIP file for screenshots in English. Screenshots in other languages are not yet available.

ACF Multilingual (ACFML)

Translate the custom fields you created with ACF with WPML’s glue plugin, ACFML. With ACFML, you can set your translation preferences and translate:

  • Fields, field groups, and field labels
  • Choices for Select, Checkbox, and Radio fields
  • Repeater fields
  • Flexible content fields
  • ACF blocks
  • The ACF Options page

Check out our documentation for more about ACF Multilingual.

ACFML Screenshots

Selecting a translation option
Translating field content and labels in the Advanced Translation Editor
Translating labels for Choices in String Translation

Download the ZIP file for screenshots in English. Screenshots in other languages are not yet available.

WPML Export and Import

WPML Export and Import simplifies the process of moving multilingual content across WordPress websites. It supports the two main ways of importing content to a new site moving it from one site to another or from a spreadsheet you manage.
This add-on plugin integrates effortlessly with your preferred export and import plugins, ensuring a hassle-free workflow. It offers full support for:

And more in the near future…

When paired with WPML and a supported import and export plugin, WPML Export and Import saves you time and effort:

  • Easy Setup: Install WPML Export and Import on both the site you’re exporting from and importing to. As you export content, the add-on plugin automatically adds language information to your CSV or XML files.
  • Import Without Hassles: Use your preferred import plugin on your WordPress site, importing as you normally would, without any additional steps.
  • Controlled Publishing Status – WPML Export and Import temporarily sets imported content to Draft status, until it updates the language information. This ensures website visitors see an organized and accurate site appearance at all times.
  • One-Click Process: After importing, a single click of a button the WPML Export and Import page adjusts the language settings and connects translations.

See our documentation for more about WPML Export and Import.

WPML Export and Import Video

For an easy-to-follow visual guide, watch our video. It shows you how to prepare spreadsheets and how WPML Export and Import works with import plugins to bring in your mulltilingual content.

You Own Your Translations

There are no monthly fees to keep your translated content on your site. WPML stores your translations in your own database, not in a cloud you can’t access. This means your translations belong 100% to you.