End-user accounts allow your clients (the folks who eventually run the website) to get tailored translation instructions and get help directly from WPML support team. See how it works and if it’s a good fit for your needs.

When you’re building sites for clients, supporting them is always part of the package. Of course, you cannot build a site without helping to run it and maintaining it.

However, multilingual sites have an additional layer of support, which WPML team is happy to help with. WPML is a complex mechanism and translating content has its own workflow. You can create end-user accounts for your clients, so they can get help about the translation process directly from us.

Here are some things that WPML team can help with very efficiently:

  • Using the Translation Management
  • Setting up translator accounts
  • Sending content to translation
  • Translating menus, strings and widgets
  • Working with translation services

Basically, everything related to translating the site’s texts, we can help with.

Many times, when you build websites, you only need to use the basic translation controls in WPML. After all, your job is to build the site, not to translate hundreds of pages. However, for your clients, it’s important to use WPML’s translation workflow in the best possible way, to save time and money. This is what we want to achieve using end-user support.

Are you ready to create your first client account? Please follow the instructions provided on our documentation page.