WPML can automatically redirect visitors to their language, based on the browser's language setting. In order to allow visitors to later switch to a different language, this operation is done only once. WPML will set a cookie in the browser, indicating that the language has been set already and will not force the language on subsequent page loads. The browser language redirection runs in the visitor's browser, using Javascript. This allows for faster response and is robust to caching plugins that you can run on your site. If you are debugging browser language redirection on your site, please remember to check that:

  • Your browser’s language is actually set
  • You are testing in a new session
  • No Javascript errors are happening
  • Other plugins are not trying to redirect too

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Wrong link

Iniziato da: quentinB in: English Support

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Browser language redirect problem to default language

Iniziato da: Volkan Babayigit in: English Support

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help home page

Iniziato da: filippoc-2 in: English Support

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I go to the englisch page, I only see an error, saying too many redirections

Iniziato da: kaiT-5 in: English Support

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wpml no cambia de idioma en la home

Iniziato da: fernandoi-3 in: Soporte en Español

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Urgent problem with the redirection

Iniziato da: inmaculadad in: English Support

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Mihai Apetrei

Redirect to default language when translated post is missing

Iniziato da: Michele Settembre in: Supporto in Italiano

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Translation only working on Homepage

Iniziato da: lucB-14 in: English Support

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establecer un directorio para el idioma principal

Iniziato da: weelko-barcelona-s.lW in: Soporte en Español
Quick solution available

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Problem with language switcher in some posts

Iniziato da: colillas-brandingS in: English Support

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Language redirection

Iniziato da: estherP in: English Support

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Not redirecting based on browser language (no javascript errors)

Iniziato da: michelleD-13 in: English Support

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Error after new translate creation 1 2

Iniziato da: davidG-36 in: English Support

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how to get current hreflang code?

Iniziato da: rehanF in: English Support

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WPML behaves like it uses sticky links without "Stickyy links" installed…

Iniziato da: suseL in: English Support

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Bruno Kos