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We’re at final tests for our WordPress translation plugin, already deployed on several early-adopter websites’ and getting ready for commercial release.

About ICanLocalize Translator

ICanLocalize Translator helps run a multi-lingual WordPress based website on auto-pilot. It takes care of all contents translation including posts, pages and comments.

Authors work in their language only. The translation system takes care of maintaining the equivalent content in multiple languages. All translations are done by professional human translators, producing accurate, fluent and native translation.

Comment moderation is also handled in the author’s language. Authors will see all comments in their own language and can reply in their language too. The translation system will place the comment’s translation for visitors to read.


The system is currently in final beta tests. Full commercial release is expected by December 2008.

For a quick preview, you’re welcome to check our own blog and its translation to French.

If you want to become an early adopter or get ready for the full release, contact us.