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We’ve started a new forum category called Introduce yourself and your site. Everyone is welcome to post and introduce sites that use WPML.

What can you get out of it?

We’ll go over each and every site submitted to that category, looking for technical issues and suggesting ways to improve. Running a multilingual site is a complex task and often there’s room for improvement.

Some examples:

  • Missing localization in the site’s theme.
  • RTL/LTR issues.
  • Language dependent internal and outgoing links.
  • Multilingual news feeds.
  • Site navigation issues (drop down menus, breadcrumbs, sidebar).

Sometimes, we can suggest how to better use existing WPML functions. In other cases, we spot missing functionality in WPML and add it.

Many of the upcoming features in our roadmap came after seeing user websites, so instead of hacking it yourself, it pay off to show us your site and think about solutions together.

Get more exposure

If you’re interested and your site looks really cool, we’ll also add it to the (upcoming) showcase section of We’re getting quite a bit of traffic these days, and having your site featured can’t be too bad.

How to submit

Just go to the self introduction of the forum and create a new post (you’ll need to sign up for a forum account first).

Let’s meet!