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WordPress has long been more than a blogging platform. No need to convince anyone it is the one of the leading Content Management Systems as well. Recently WordPress has also become a great E-Commerce platform for small and medium enterprises. Today we are happy to announce that we are helping to popularize WordPress in the e-Commerce area. We’ve just started from Vietnam.

Vietnam owns the fastest pace in term of increasing Internet users over the world, so the word ‘E-Commerce’ has become more and more popular there. On April 19th, Dat Hoang, our WPML supporter, will represent onTheGoSystems in Saigon, as the main WordPress E-Commerce meetup organizer. Dat will also be one of the speakers.

Popularizing WordPress E-Commerce in Vietnam

The meetup main topic

WordPress E-Commerce

When and where

Date: Saturday, April 19, 2014
Time: 14.00 – 17.30
Venue: Khanh Giao Cafe, E 04A That Son Street, Ward 1, District 10, HCMC, Saigon, Vietnam

The agenda

1. Introduction to WooCommerce

Dat Hoang. The meetup organizer and speaker.
Dat Hoang. The meetup organizer and speaker.

Speaker: Dat Hoang

Dat Hoang, a WPML support team member, will present an introduction to WooCommerce as an excellent e-Commerce solution for WordPress.

Presentation outlines:

  • E-commerce trends and statistics
  • Example of global and Vietnam sites using WooCommerce
  • Why WooCommerce plugin is the best solution for building online stores with WordPress
  • General steps to be done to set up a simple store using WooCommerce plugin and an existing theme

2. Creating themes for WooCommerce sites

Binh Dang
Binh Dang

Speaker: Binh Dang

Binh Dang works for Harvey Nash company, a pioneer in professional recruitment and IT outsourcing. Additionally, he works as a freelancer and uses WordPress as the main platform.

Binh Dang will show how to create a custom theme which supports site built with WooCommerce plugin.

Presentation outlines:

  • How a WordPress theme is built
    • template structure
    • page hierarchy
  • How to create a WooCommerce Theme
    • WooCommerce Templates
    • Extending and modifying WooCommerce Theme

3. Setting up payment gateways

Toai Tran
Toai Tran

Speaker: Toai Tran

Toai Tran is a leader of the Outsource Vietnam team. He has about 3 years of experience in using WordPress. Toai Tran will present most popular Payment gateways in Vietnam and will show how to install them and set up.

Presentation outlines:

  • Introduction to WooCommerce Payment gateways
  • Vietnam local gateways
    • Bảo Kim
    • Ngân Lượng
    • Cash on Delivery (CoD)

4. Multilingual WooCommerce

Dat Hoang. The meetup organizer and speaker.
Dat Hoang.

Speaker: Dat Hoang

Dat Hoang, working for the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin support team, is also experienced with using WooCommerce plugin for multilingual sites. In his second presentation for the event he will show how to sell global with help of ready to use multilingual solutions.

Presentation outlines:

  • Why E-Commerce Multilingual
  • Challenges in WooCommerce Multilingual sites
  • Introduction to WooCommerce Multilingual plugin:
    • how to install
    • basic settings
    • features
    • examples

5. The content for an e-commerce site

Lam Phong
Lam Phong

Speaker: Lam Phong

Lam Phong is the founder of ContentAZ. He has 5 year experience in building websites and understands what the high-quality content of website is.

Presentation outlines:

  • Why is the content important?
  • What to write for an e-commerce site
  • Case studies

The registration

Registration is free. To register use one of the following sites:

Previous successful meetups in Vietnam

The upcoming meetup in Saigon is the third meetup in Saigon organized with the help of Dat and WPML contribution.

Dat Hoang has successfully also took part as a speaker in two other Vietnam events this year:

  • Saigon March 1st. The event main topic: Let’s discuss WordPress together. Dat’s presentations:
    • Why WordPress is an amazing trend
    • How to make your WordPress sites faster
  • Hanoi January 18th. 2013 Roundup. Dat’s presentation:
    • Going global – how to make your WordPress site multilingual

Here are some pictures of the first meetup for WordPress funs in Saigon.

Pictures by Jimmy Teo

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