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We are happy to announce the recent integration of WPML and MultiTrans, a powerful translation management system.

Translation Management Systems (TMS) are used to control complex translations processes in which team members (project managers, translators, editors, proofreaders) chip in their expertise. 

MultiTrans Managed is a mix of software and services. It bundles linguistic teams of project managers, translators, and editors in any workflow and connects the power of its service with a market software that reduces turn-around times and optimizes translation processes.

MultiTrans serves large companies that operate in different verticals. Its services are prominent in sectors such as finance, law, life sciences, and more.

With approximately 30 offices around the world, MultiTrans’ support team is able to cover all time zones and deliver any service to its global clients.

Jordi Mon Companys, Global Product Marketing Manager at Donnelley Language Solutions, recommends MultiTrans to WPML users:

“If you are looking for a trusted partner to which you can deliver your most confidential content assets, MultiTrans from Donnelley Language Solutions is your choice. We excel at complex workflows by automating all manual tasks, coordinating the best linguistic teams in a single solution: MultiTrans Managed™.”

If you are already a user of WPML and are interested in translating with MultiTrans, follow the instructions for translating WordPress sites with MultiTrans. On the other hand, if you are new to WPML, feel free to purchase the Multilingual CMS package and get started.


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