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Your translation status may appear “stuck” or show an error due to issues with the Advanced Translation Editor. Two primary workarounds are available: editing the stuck pages based on your chosen translation mode or modifying translators through Translation Management.

How do I edit a stuck page based on my chosen translation mode?

  • If you use Translate Everything Automatically mode, you can simply edit your stuck pages by making a minor change, such as adding a space or a word. This will reset the pages’ translation status and assign them a new Job ID for automatic translation.
  • If you use Translate What You Choose mode, go to WPMLTranslation Management and click the Jobs tab. Cancel the stuck jobs. Then, edit the page or post that was stuck and make a small change to the title. Save the change and submit the page or post for translation again.

How do I add or edit translators through Translation Management?

If you still can’t complete the translation of a page or post, it may be because you do not have the correct permissions to translate content. Go to WPML → Translation Management and click on the Translators tab to check if the user having the problem is a translator.

  • If not, click the Add a Translator button and choose the Select an existing user and set as Translator option. Then, set the language pairs for your user and Save your changes.
  • If your user is already a translator, click on the pencil icon and reassign the language pairs. Then, Save your changes.

If neither of these workarounds solve your issue, please do not hesitate to open a ticket in our Support forum.