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WPML can automatically redirect visitors to their language, based on the browser's language setting. In order to allow visitors to later switch to a different language, this operation is done only once. WPML will set a cookie in the browser, indicating that the language has been set already and will not force the language on subsequent page loads. The browser language redirection runs in the visitor's browser, using Javascript. This allows for faster response and is robust to caching plugins that you can run on your site. If you are debugging browser language redirection on your site, please remember to check that:

  • Your browser’s language is actually set
  • You are testing in a new session
  • No Javascript errors are happening
  • Other plugins are not trying to redirect too

Status Topic
Supporter Voices Post Freshness aparece en ingles y español dependiendo de con www. o sin www.

Iniziato da: joan-carlesM in: Soporte en Español

2 10 4 anni, 8 mesi fa


When i switch to Swedish I get redirected to a specific page

Iniziato da: sonjaM in: English Support

2 2 4 anni, 8 mesi fa


When click on a "home" link or switch language, website redirect to a post.

Iniziato da: vincentB-21 in: English Support

2 3 4 anni, 8 mesi fa


Beim aufrufen englischer Seiten wird automatisch auf die Deutsche Seite umgeleit

Iniziato da: stephanH-5 in: Unterstützung in Deutsch

2 4 4 anni, 8 mesi fa

Mladen Andrejic

Permalink settings is "Default" other page is blank!!

Iniziato da: hsuH in: English Support

2 3 4 anni, 8 mesi fa


I activated "browser language redirect", but it does not work on the home page.

Iniziato da: thomasH-29 in: English Support

1 2 4 anni, 8 mesi fa


Category names not redirected

Iniziato da: herveJ-2 in: English Support

2 3 4 anni, 8 mesi fa


Admin ‘Display hidden languages’ checkbox checked can't view hidden language

Iniziato da: anitaS-5 in: English Support

3 4 4 anni, 8 mesi fa


Redirect Loop. Website does not load when WPML is activated

Iniziato da: alexp-12 in: English Support

2 3 4 anni, 8 mesi fa


Double redirection after language change ( -> ->

Iniziato da: idea07S in: English Support

3 12 4 anni, 8 mesi fa

George Botsev

Possible bug: Translated custom post type single page redirects to original lang

Iniziato da: peder in: English Support

3 5 4 anni, 8 mesi fa

George Botsev

Change the language of the login form depending on the chosen language

Iniziato da: Benjamin in: English Support

2 4 4 anni, 8 mesi fa


Can't see hidden language translations

Iniziato da: Becky in: English Support

2 8 4 anni, 8 mesi fa


WPML Language Switcher + WordPress MU Domain Mapping

Iniziato da: traceyN in: English Support

3 10 4 anni, 8 mesi fa


Problema installazioen certficato SSL/HTTPS con WPML con domini multipli

Iniziato da: enricoV in: Assistenza in italiano

2 7 4 anni, 8 mesi fa