WPML lets you arrange languages in virtual folders, different domains (or subdomains) or add a the language name to the URL. You should read the tutorial on language options to see how to configure WPML for each. If you want to have languages in different domains, you will need to do some setup in your web server and DNS, as described in the server setup for languages in domains FAQ. And, if you're running a multisite network for clients, read the multisite support of languages in directories guide.

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add ru. subdomain as A different domain per language

Iniziato da: olgaP-4 in: English Support

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Idioma principal

Iniziato da: sergiT in: Soporte en Español

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Search in second language returns results in default language.

Iniziato da: peterG-64 in: English Support

3 5 16 ore, 19 minuti fa

Dražen Duvnjak

Permalink problem

Iniziato da: Marc Braquer Galan in: English Support

2 3 16 ore, 24 minuti fa

Marc Braquer Galan

When I add a new menu item in the default language it also appears on all other languages on the frontend.

Iniziato da: andrewH-26 in: English Support

2 3 18 ore, 11 minuti fa

Dražen Duvnjak

Domains appear as invalid and cannot edit with elementor on other languages 1 2

Iniziato da: johnK-25 in: English Support

2 22 18 ore, 33 minuti fa

Bruno Kos

subdomian translation not working

Iniziato da: olgaP-4 in: English Support

2 4 19 ore, 23 minuti fa


Changing the English 'en' code/hreflang 1 2

Iniziato da: keithS-10 in: English Support

2 25 21 ore, 16 minuti fa


Não consigo traduzir as slugs dos Costum Post Types

Iniziato da: caiadoG in: Suporte em Português

2 5 1 giorno, 11 ore fa


A translated page isn't showing up

Iniziato da: Chris in: English Support

2 4 1 giorno, 11 ore fa


Main navigation links generating wrong link, and other inconsistencias appear fr

Iniziato da: josephS-17 in: English Support

2 4 1 giorno, 15 ore fa


Diferentes dominios para cada idioma en el mismo wordpress.

Iniziato da: davidV-69 in: Soporte en Español

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%2F | Pages don't get redirected after clicking flag in language switcher 1 2

Iniziato da: verhuurA in: English Support

2 19 1 giorno, 18 ore fa


It looks like languages per directories will not function.

Iniziato da: marinaN in: English Support

2 4 1 giorno, 22 ore fa


Language-specific subdomains

Iniziato da: seonghoonh-2 in: English Support

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