The Media Translation module allows to display the same media files in different languages.You will be able to add translations for image captions, description and titles, without having to upload the same images to translated content.

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Can i copy my Galleries from English version to Arabic version

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Save Media Translation button disabled

Iniziato da: michaelam-5 in: English Support

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Problemas con las imágenes, no me salen en las traducciones

Iniziato da: mariaJ-4 in: Soporte en Español

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Andreas W.

Media Library keeps uploading multiple instances of an image

Iniziato da: jean-paulD-6 in: English Support

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Deutsche Bilder auf englischer Webseite / Media Translation fehlerhaft /Dopplung

Iniziato da: officeT in: Support in Deutsch

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Some of the images are not loading

Iniziato da: desmondN in: English Support

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The7 Portfolio featured image not showing 1 2

Iniziato da: Rafael Viana in: English Support

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Rafael Viana

Media (attachment) metadata not copied to media translations

Iniziato da: per-egilR in: English Support

2 9 14 ore, 59 minuti fa


Could not calculate resized image dimensions

Iniziato da: mitsutoshiM in: English Support

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Change the language of an image

Iniziato da: alexanderv-25 in: English Support

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Media doesn't get fully deleted

Iniziato da: mandyM-2 in: English Support

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Why I need to translate alt and caption twice?

Iniziato da: Willem-Siebe in: English Support

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Warning "Learn how to translate media" does not stop appearing

Iniziato da: darlanR in: English Support

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Site indisponible après modification d'un article

Iniziato da: frankB-25 in: Assistance en français

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