The Media Translation module allows to display the same media files in different languages. You will be able to add translations for image captions, description and titles, without having to upload the same images to translated content.

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After Translation via Domain Images are flagged as "hotlinked"

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Andreas W.

Duplicate image, duplicate media in English and German does not work. 1 2

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не отображаются фотографии профилей участников

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Kann keine Medienübersetzung hinzufügen

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Product Number & Product image

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Izzi Hassan

wpml editor show old domain in the url of the image

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Carlos Rojas

WooCommerce order items in other language meta is missing, no SKU for example

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Raja Mohammed

Immagini cancellate dai media non vengono rimosse dal server

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Woocommerce product translation manager does not copy product image

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non riesco a salvare l'immagine tradotta di un prodotto con Media Translatio

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Most of the media files are missing on translated language

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Shekhar Bhandari

Divi + Advanced Translation Editor + Bilder übersetzen

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Andreas W.

ALT tag missing on galleries

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WPML Media is enabled but not effective. It requires WPML in order to work.

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Media translation is not working

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